2 Throw away the clock forever (with Google Adsense)

When I talk about Google AdSense people get excited. This is the truth. I do not know how but I always end up talking about Adsense and people always just getting excited and looking forward to getting into it. It is logical that excited because convey my passion and joy when he tells me what happened.

I tell a good day (two years ago) I was sick of working for money, only worked to put food on the table, pay the rent and go out for a drink. Then again I had to work to buy food, pay rent, etc.. When I realized that I was on a road to nowhere I knew I had to change my way of making money. I realized that while working for others was never going to be free and just worked to make them richer.

My work was worthless and had to pay off to something more than just a financial reward for my time. With my work I had to build something of value, a resource that would feed me in the future. I years creating resources for others, but I forgot myself. Before, only saw the money and only working for the money.

I assure you that my economy was terribly wrong. Had recently moved to London to a neighborhood too expensive for my pocket and desperately needed a job to cover my expenses. Interviews would, however had this thing inside me that would not in any way more work for anyone again. I wanted to do what I knew I should do to be free in the future.

It had its own page with a decent traffic, the only page that holds as a personal project) and after seeing these rare ads 'Google' everywhere (and watch soon realized that) I decided to try.

I think too late because people said they get paid per click would not give any money. This happens to me to listen to these pessimistic without testing and decide for myself. One thing I've learned about is that many people are like crabs, if you put one in a box once you escape and regain their freedom, however, if you put more than one (two, three, four, anyway) you can ensure that none be released because when you try to exit the other will pull back to within. People always want to lose you 'in the clouds' to your level when you believe in something too good for reality. But I continue with my story ...

Shortly after I discovered Google Adsense stop looking for a job and started working for myself. Could generate money with AdSense without money. All you needed was a computer, an Internet connection and some desire.

With AdSense did not have to set the alarm and get up in the morning. With Adsense did not have to put up or a boss, or the traffic, and I could spend all morning in pajamas (when they decided to get up before 12).And I'm not saying you have to be lazy and spend the day in bed in his pajamas, but it is good to choose, right?

And best of AdSense is that built something that would always be working for me, but I was on vacation taking a pina colada.

Make no mistake. I'm not saying I can stop working forever, but the time I invest creates and grows a resource that gives me money and freedom now and so much money that it generates and freedom desfruto only grow with time ..

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is managed by Google advertising you can display on your website and when someone clicks on ad Google pays you.

And this because I'm interested?

* Interested because you can build a page and generate a source of income while you continue to receive your site is online.

* Interested because you can generate money - your own business - and you can increase the payments you receive from Google much more quickly than in a job. How many jobs will a raise every week, every month, or every three months? Not very often do you? Since I use my AdSense revenue up continuously.

* Interested mostly because your website is a resource.'s A resource that gives you as much money as if you're working on it or not.

All these benefits are fortunate for me because my girlfriend loves to travel. I can leave when I want and the money keeps coming for my website + AdSense is a money making machine that does not require my constant attention to work well.

Having said all that I want to make something clear: You can not make a page and leave it permanently abandoned. Otherwise upgrade lose traffic and lose income, but do not have to do it every day, or every week, well, that depends on you .

How much I can earn money with Adsense?

Again it depends on you and your limits. Many people only earn for eating out once a week or to buy a chocolate bar, but others such as Joel Comm who earns between $ 12 to 16.000 dollars a month just for AdSense.

Depends (The combination of the following):

1. What the advertiser pays per click
2. The amount of traffic coming to your site
3. Where and how you place the ads
4. That classification has each of your pages in Google
5. The colors, background and border ads

Any of these five factors can make a world of difference in your profits. If you have a page with AdSense and those earning little is because these failing in one or more of these criteria.

What makes me more grace in all this is that AdSense is a world. I found many Webmasters who are ignorant unconscious. So, as they know that they are ignorant and they lose a paste AdSense every month, because they do nothing to cut the loss of that money. And most distressing is that if you tell, do not ignore, because they think they know everything.

What changes would the human race if we were all like that? How we would move if anyone was interested in learning more?, Discover new things, in short, to increase their knowledge in their own quality of life - not to mention - more to fill their pockets.

There is a very famous Internet entrepreneur named John Reese. John is a millionaire because of some time and is the most recognized in the world of Internet marketing. Do you think John has a big ego? Do you think that John, as a millionaire and the most recognized in the world, thinks it has more to learn? Quite the contrary. John buys absolutely everything e-books, courses and other related Internet selling because he knows he does not know it-all-and-all-want to know what others know. And the fact that his head is so open to learn from the ideas and skills and other methods that you can spend a good part of its success.

OK, let's cut to the chase. Want to spend more time with your family, girlfriend and friends and less time at work? Are you willing to turn off the TV after work and build a resource that will allow you to achieve it?'ll Give you some tips to get started:

What not to do:

* Make a page about something that nobody cares about, see if there is interest.
* Put 4 phrases to attract people and place ads in Google, this will not help you win anything and you'll get banned by Google.
* Put a link directory. There are already too many and the click rate is very low at these sites.
* Put animations, Flash, or any such thing that bothers and paste anything with ads
* Build a Web only to make money with AdSense. End up bored and unmotivated, build a page that interests you and you love and can also give you money

What we need to do:

* Do research and look at what keywords attract more advertisements. You have to find the hot topics that announce where all are struggling to come out first and are willing to pay a lot for it
* Think about topics that are growing and you can provide that will be wars later on those keywords, here is where you can have a great advantage
* Learn all about positioning to get traffic. This is not difficult, invest some time in it.
* Be persistent. When launching a new page Google will not give you a lot of traffic because they're new. If you keep adding content and some links to your site, you gradually increase traffic. The principle is very misleading, all increases with time and persistence and constant learning.
* If you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do but do not have time even to start, buy the domain and put some introductory page for Google to register as soon as possible.
* Put a goal! Decide how much traffic you have and how much money you earn and point it and hang it on the wall in front of your work area. Do not stop until you've achieved.

And when you have a page with Adsense added:

* Do not put colors in ads screaming, place them so that they fit perfectly with your site.
* Remember that people do not want to click on ads, they want to click on content. Use blocks Google to do better, you know what they are? Those who seem less ads!
* Sets the content of your site so that they leave the ads you want or you know you pay more. Look first to the URL, because before passing AdBot reviewing the page and put related ads, first sees the URL so be careful what you put there!
* Do not put ads on pages with a CTR (per click) very low. This undermines the value of your body and Google ads you pay less per click.
* Please note that Google displays ads that more pay first, make sure that people are clicking on the ads rather than others.
* Use tracking (tracking). Know the keywords and URLs you receive clicks and where people are clicking ads. You need to use the channels that Google offers another tool with which is Adsense Tracker.

Both for people who already know all this for newbies, I have written a book on AdSense counting all the details and principles that I have learned working with AdSense.

Years ago, as a rookie I bought a book that cost me more, $ 79. I do not inspire much confidence the sales page but I said, "If what I learn in the book I can earn only $ 79 more with AdSense, I will have recovered my investment." And I had to think about it more.

This is very important: You have to apply the tips, make and measure testing and use your imagination. This may include a complete redesign of your site, and why not? It's worth a little effort to take more from AdSense. Remember that what you think you can do, what you do and what you think you can not do, not what you can do. Two people in the same situation can achieve completely different results depending on how each one acts and thinks about what he learns from book.



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