0 Apple's Tim Cook: 'We Have Several More Game Changers in Us

Apple's Tim Cook: 'We Have Several More Game Changers in Us

Has Apple lost its cool? “Absolutely not,” says business executive Tim Cook.

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg interviewed the business executive as a kickoff to their annual D11 conference being control in Southern California state.

When asked if the corporate was in bother, and if it's began to loose its cool, Cook responded with a convincing no, happening to mention that satisfaction ratings for the corporate ar presently off the charts, as ar usage of Apple product.

Cook says that Apple may be a product company which over the past year it's commence with Associate in Nursing unexampled variety of latest — and well-received — product like the iPhone five, new iPods, and new Macs.

“We've continuously had competent rivals,” says Cook. “We fought against Microsoft, still fight against Microsoft within the laptop house. we tend to fought against hardware firms that were viewed to be unbelievable hardware firms, like Dell. however we've continuously suited up and fought. i do not see that completely different these days.”

Cooks says that Apple’s “North Star” is usually creating the most effective product offered, and whereas Apple stock has taken somewhat of a dive in recent months its “not unexampled.” happening to mention “the great thing about being around for a short time is you see several cycles.”

Cook says as an organization Apple must specialize in product, which “we have some unbelievable plans that we tend to’ve been functioning on for a while…I assume we've many a lot of game changers in North American nation.”

When asked on his thoughts concerning Google Glass, Cook aforesaid that he seen some positives within the product, and thinks that wearables ar “incredibly fascinating.”

So far, Cook says that nothing has stood go into the wearable house that he thinks would encourage somebody United Nations agency doesn’t already wear a watch (or glasses for that matter) to wear them, which there’s heap of area for growth within the house.

“It’s a vicinity that’s ripe for exploration,” says Cook. “To convert folks they need to wear one thing, it's to be unbelievable.”

Cook says that the company’s goal is to continuously create the most effective product. whereas in some cases – like tablets — which means it makes the foremost, in others, like smartphones, it doesn't.

Cook says that whereas there ar a lot of robot phones within the market than there ar iPhones, I several cases those phones are literally what several folks would think about feature phones instead of smartphones, and ar being employed per se.

While Cook declined to discuss future product, he did say that he would be rolling out the long run of iOS and OSX throughout Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in period of time. Tim Cook is anticipated to kick that event off with a keynote on June 10th.

source: Mashable

0 McAfee Launches New All-In-One Security Suite

Nowadays, security threats have an effect on each client in spite of the software or device they use. therewith in mind, McAfee associated Intel area unit launching an all-in-one security software system suite referred to as LiveSafe that features anti-virus protection, a watchword manager associated an encrypted cloud-based cupboard space secured by voice and identity verification.

LiveSafe's goal is to stay customers safe in the slightest degree times. "No matter what you are doing, what you employ or wherever you select to attach, you are going to be safe," city Davis, McAfee's vice-president of worldwide client selling, same in associate interview with Mashable.

LiveSafe is compatible with Windows, iOS and robot. what is additional, there are not any limits to the amount of devices you'll use LiveSafe on, thus customers will use it on all their computers, tablets and smartphones. LiveSafe can price $19.99 for a first subscription, and $79.99 at that time.

Apart from the standard anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection, the suite offers a one GB encrypted on-line safety lockbox referred to as "Personal Locker," wherever users will store their most sensitive documents. At the time of activation, users area unit needed to decide on a pin, send out a photograph of their face so record their voice; along, these security measures offer 3 layers of protection.

To access a file, users should enter their pin, take a photograph for identity verification and browse 2 totally different messages to substantiate their voice (the 1st message plays anytime, whereas the second could be a random one).

LiveSafe conjointly comes with a dashboard, accessible via browser, to manage all its options. to boot, the service includes a 1password- or LastPass-like watchword manager, that conjointly works on all supported devices.

Davis told Mashable that McAfee conjointly desires to coach customers regarding cyber threats. "Historically, the manner our business model works — and it's true for all security vendors — is you load a baby, it runs within the background so a year later, we have a tendency to play your door spoken language, renew your subscription," he said.

Now, McAfee can provide its customers discounts and and incentives if they use all the options offered by LiveSafe.

The service are going to be on the market to customers UN agency obtain dingle PCs and laptops beginning Gregorian calendar month nine. McAfee plans to sell LiveSafe through different partners within the future, and is functioning on marketing it as a standalone product (although Davis same there's no date confirmed for that, yet).

Source : Mashable

0 Do You Stink? This Robot Will Tell You


If you’re headed to a very important meeting or huge date, it’s in all probability a decent plan to create certain you don’t stink. Don’t burden your friends or relations with the monstrous job of sniffing your elements, enlist a robot.

Japanese company CrazyLabo teamed up with Kitakyushu National school of Technology to make a mechanism that appears sort of a bulldog and another formed sort of a woman’s head.

The dog mechanism sniffs your feet, generating one amongst four responses betting on however unhealthy the odor. If it’s significantly unhealthy, the mechanism loses consciousness. If your feet smell okay, the mechanism can nuzzle up to you.

The female head (named “Kaori,” which may translate as “aroma,” “fragrance” or just “smell”) will one thing similar. Exhale onto its face, ANd it'll manufacture an answer: “Good, like citrus,” “Yuck! you've got unhealthy breath,” “No way! I can’t stand it!” and “Emergency taking place!” (These translations square measure alittle rough).

Both bots use an advert odor detector that picks informed bound chemicals in exhaled breath or emitted by feet. definitely it’s smart for a couple of laughs, although for my half, the mechanism dog is a smaller amount creepy than respiration into a woman’s bodiless head.

Source : Mashable

0 Make Your Own Video Game With No Coding Required

 Want to create video games? Awesome! 1st, simply learn to code then make preparations for lots of diligence.

Or maybe not. Pixel Press desires to let anyone of any age produce their own computer game levels with simply a pencil, paper, associated an iPad or iPhone.

Players merely style their level by hand, making any traps or obstacles they need the avatar to surmount whereas climb 5 stories and reaching the goal. element Press uses proprietary character recognition to permit the iPad\'s camera to select up the sketches and convert them to graphic components within the level. Then the creator has got to check the amount, refine it and add skins to create it seem like a sophisticated game.

Pixel Press creator Robin Rath says the sport was impressed somewhat by his childhood. He and his friends wanted games like Super Mario Brothers and Metroid, that featured long stretches of levels that took platforming skills to traverse.

\"We wont to draw all those levels out on a chunk of paper,\" Rath says.

Now that Rath includes a kid of his own, his thoughts turned to sharing that have of level creation with everybody. He says a part of the main target of element Press is to show youngsters many things, together with game style, associated be a entry to an interest within the field.

"It will teach patience, teamwork, drawing skills, and perhaps advanced pc technical skills, relying however so much you wished to require it. I likable the concept of introducing younger individuals to code, as a result of they will assume it is so onerous to urge into," Rath says.

Rath plans for the element Press community to be a sounding board yet. Once creators end their levels, they\'re going to publish them to element Press, wherever players can contend for the most effective times and rate them, providing feedback. Rath says this was partly impressed by world-building game Minecraft.

\"What i really like concerning Minecraft is that it\'s sharing inbuilt, individuals pay hours upon hours building one thing, then they need to share it with their friends. You get a bountied expertise as a result of you get feedback and learn from one another,\" he says.

Pixel Press is merely a paradigm for currently. Rath and his team launched a Kickstarter to boost $100,000 and obtain the merchandise out there. one amongst the most things he is that specialize in now\'s refinement the game\'s seeing engine thus it will adapt to poor drawing skills, or sections that do not quite be.

Once its free, Rath says element Press can legalise by creating additional level skins or art as associate in-app purchase, permitting creators to additional granularly customise their game. He conjointly hopes to partner with brands down the road so that they will produce their own levels with on-brand assets.

0 Five free apps to enhance photos of Instagram

Take a photo, choose a filter, post it on Instagram . These three actions became routine for many users of smartphones and tablets. So much so that for many no longer sufficient to use only the filters of the platform and need to add an extra touch to your photographs. 


Infotechnology.com collected five applications that will enhance the experience within the platform and give you a personal touch to photos of Instagram. 


Ideal for photos of "before and after" or to create a grid with personal photos. InstaPicFrame permits completely different footage framed in boxes then share them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It contains differing types of frames and templates of funds. This application is offered for iOS and there's a really similar product of a special developer for robot .



Create a collage of photos from Instagram and build it the wallpaper of the phone will resutlar tempting for quite one user. Instabackground Wallpappers iPhone creates image from the platform. it's 2 funding choices, one victimisation twenty eight images and one in every of twenty two pictures of various sizes. it's offered for iOS.



Knowing the climate is associate activity that almost all folks performed daily. Instaweather has totally different templates for planting climate of the town within which a photograph is regarding creating Instagram a service to the community. Currently, its developers ar making InstaPlaces, wherever text will plant an area wherever one is found. the applying is obtainable for humanoid for gratis and iOS therefore paid.

Five free apps to enhance photos of Instagram


When starting on Instagram not always have many followers. The best way to get more "Likes" on images that are uploaded to Instagram is using tags. This application allows you to know which are the most used tags on the platform and in different fields such as "family", "sports", "social" and "music" among others. It is available for Android. 
Five free apps to enhance photos of Instagram

- Typic 

Write short texts with beautiful fonts. That is the goal of Typic, an application that allows filters to add text and pictures. He has more than ten kinds of sources and allows you to change the font size of the text. It is available for iOS . 
Five free apps to enhance photos of Instagram
- Bonus: BoothStache 

"Let it grow". That's the phrase that appears before a mustache appears on the face of the person who has photographed. The fun application lets you choose from several types of mustache to add to our photography.From the "Walrus" to popularized by Dalí, BoothStache has several types of mustache and to save the retouched photograph on your computer or share it via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, among others. The same developer has Aging Booth, an app for aging people, Fat Booth, Bald Booth to fatten and to leave the photographed hairless. All applications are available for Android for free, while for iOS you must pay $ 0.99 per application. 
Five free apps to enhance photos of Instagram

0 How to take away labeled Photos From Your Instagram

How to take away labeled  Photos From Your Instagram Profile

How to take away labeled Photos From Your Instagram
Instagram further the power to tag photos in the week. almost like picture tagging on Facebook, your friends will currently tag you in their Instagram photos so the image shows au courant your profile also.

It’s an incredible feature if you would like to share those photos with the globe, however what if your friend adds an image of you that you’d rather individuals not see? fortuitously, there is a fast and simple thanks to take away a tag, also as how create|to form|to create} certain no photos make it to your profile while not your permission.

Much like however it’s handled on Facebook, once you’re labeled  in an exceedingly picture on Instagram the app sends you a notification. labeled  pictures square measure further to a “Photos of You” tab on your profile page.

Tap on the tag in Associate in Nursing offensive picture to name a dialogue box of choices. From there you'll be able to like better to hide the picture from your profile, take away the tag, or report the picture normally as inappropriate.

If you’d rather not be labeled  in any photos you'll be able to set things up that method also. merely choose the Settings menu from the Photos of You section, so modification the choice from “Add Automatically” to “Add Manually.” Now, you’ll ought to approve any photos that get further to your profile page.

0 COO Brian Krzanich taking charge as CEO for intel

After Intel chief executive officer Paul Otellini proclaimed his resignation back in November, the corporate began the rummage around for somebody to require the veteran’s place, and that they have set to travel with Intel’s COO Brian Krzanich, with Renée James to become the Board of Director’s new president. each can begin their new roles on may sixteen.

COO Brian Krzanich taking charge as CEO for intel

Krzanich became Intel’s chief operative officer in January 2012, thus simply over a year of being at that position, he’s been promoted to require over the corporate and lead its roughly 50,000 staff to success. Otellini can still function Associate in Nursing adviser to Intel’s management workers, though his future plans aren’t set in stone.

The appointment of a brand new chief executive officer comes shortly once Intel reported  not-so-greaet quarterly monetary results for Q1 2013. the corporate brought during a revenue of $12.6 billion and a earnings of $2 billion, that uncomprehensible analysts estimates. Revenue for the quarter was down seven-membered from the previous quarter, with operative financial gain down a staggering two hundredth.

Krzanich has been with the corporate for over thirty years currently, with Otellini serving nearly forty years. this may be Intel’s sixth chief executive officer, and Krzanich comes at a time once Intel is group action a lot of fierce with its mobile strategy, and even plans to induce into the set-top box market at some purpose within the future.

0 Here is a way to text fake sms to your friends

In case, if you're speculative what specifically is pretend and anonymous SMS, it’s nothing however you'll be able to send SMS to any of your friend with any mobile range. for instance, I will SMS my friend from any range i would like. Specially, once you area unit taking part in pretend SMS along with your friends, you'll be able to invariably use the case and build your prank plan look additional authentic. In short, this can be decision as SMS spoofing. Ethically, this can be not right and plenty of folks misuse the feature of those SMS spoofing sites. So, i'd recommend use these free services for your own sensible and don’t use it to damage or hurt anyone. Another use that these sites will be used on send text message while not transportable sort of a free SMS service.You can’t use it as full fledge service since they impose restricted range of SMS.

For example , you'll be able to send a sms to any of your friend by any range of your selection like his recent lady friend range. Though, ensure your prank doesn’t find yourself pain anyone.

You ne'er grasp once you need this service, can be any time in your life!!

So I in personally recommend bookmark these Sites that allow you to send pretend and anonymous SMS’s and luxuriate in taking part in prank along with your friends. Though, several of them have obligatory a limit to no. of such SMS you'll be able to sent in a very day, however it’s still adequate to start out a pleasant prank.

I’m change the article when making an attempt several sites claiming they allow you to send anonymous SMS and finally hardly any of them works. Here is one website that works however sadly, it’s not free. you would like to shop for credit that isn't pricey and you'll be able to investigate SMSglobal here.

You can send SMS from any range and here could be a screenshot for the same:

Here is a way to text fake sms

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