0 McAfee Launches New All-In-One Security Suite

Nowadays, security threats have an effect on each client in spite of the software or device they use. therewith in mind, McAfee associated Intel area unit launching an all-in-one security software system suite referred to as LiveSafe that features anti-virus protection, a watchword manager associated an encrypted cloud-based cupboard space secured by voice and identity verification.

LiveSafe's goal is to stay customers safe in the slightest degree times. "No matter what you are doing, what you employ or wherever you select to attach, you are going to be safe," city Davis, McAfee's vice-president of worldwide client selling, same in associate interview with Mashable.

LiveSafe is compatible with Windows, iOS and robot. what is additional, there are not any limits to the amount of devices you'll use LiveSafe on, thus customers will use it on all their computers, tablets and smartphones. LiveSafe can price $19.99 for a first subscription, and $79.99 at that time.

Apart from the standard anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection, the suite offers a one GB encrypted on-line safety lockbox referred to as "Personal Locker," wherever users will store their most sensitive documents. At the time of activation, users area unit needed to decide on a pin, send out a photograph of their face so record their voice; along, these security measures offer 3 layers of protection.

To access a file, users should enter their pin, take a photograph for identity verification and browse 2 totally different messages to substantiate their voice (the 1st message plays anytime, whereas the second could be a random one).

LiveSafe conjointly comes with a dashboard, accessible via browser, to manage all its options. to boot, the service includes a 1password- or LastPass-like watchword manager, that conjointly works on all supported devices.

Davis told Mashable that McAfee conjointly desires to coach customers regarding cyber threats. "Historically, the manner our business model works — and it's true for all security vendors — is you load a baby, it runs within the background so a year later, we have a tendency to play your door spoken language, renew your subscription," he said.

Now, McAfee can provide its customers discounts and and incentives if they use all the options offered by LiveSafe.

The service are going to be on the market to customers UN agency obtain dingle PCs and laptops beginning Gregorian calendar month nine. McAfee plans to sell LiveSafe through different partners within the future, and is functioning on marketing it as a standalone product (although Davis same there's no date confirmed for that, yet).

Source : Mashable


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