0 Step by Step Strategy for Making Money with Adsense

What is the most important facotr to make money with Adsense?
Is organic traffic. Ie traffic from Google or other search engines.
Let's look at a simple example to illustrate the point. Suppose you have an online forum that receives 500,000 unique visitors per month. But 100% of these visits come straight to the forum, a bookmark or by typing the URL in their browser, they are regular members of the forum. The following site is a niche site that only receives 250,000 unique visitors per month, but 80% comes through search engines, while 20% is related site. Despite the huge difference in traffic if both sites start using Google Adsense, the second place will win a lot more, and it would not be surprising if he wins 5 or 10 times.
That's because the visitors from the search engines are looking for something specific and when they come to your site, they will be more likely to click on your Adsense blocks, when they see something related to what they are looking for. Other visits have less tendency to click on ads.
The important thing is that if you want to increase your Adsense earnings, one of the best things you can do to increase your organic traffic. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is entirely possible, and I want to share a strategy you can use for that.
The Long Tail
The idea focuses of the strategy is to use the long tail to increase your organic traffic.
If you do not know the term, the long tail refers to a curve that is produced when you consider the distribution of certain things. For example: the books sold on Amazon.com. there are some books that sell millions of copies.They are the best sellers, and are responsible for a large part of the profits from Amazon. Nothing new about that. Think of those books that sold few copies, say 1000 or 100 0 10. one would think they are disposable and do not sell much and remove not affect the business model of Amazon. Bad idea! The sales volume of these books may be insignificant, but as there are hundreds of thousands of them, their combined sales are significant quietly, and some experts say that these books are Amazon's competitive advantage.
The same principles apply to many things online, including queries in search engines. A small number of queries (money, health, business) represent large percentage of searches. But if you add up all the rare and obscure queries (and make money selling pet health therapy with dolphins), ends up being significant volumes. The figure below illustrates this: image
How do you use this principle to get more organic traffic? It's simple: discover the long tail words related to your niche and create content that meets the needs of these users. The following is a step by step guide to do that ::

Step 1: Use the double filter process to find keywords in the long tail

You can complete this step using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool .
Before we begin, in filters options sure to select the location as "All countries" and language as "All languages", after all you are proposed to achieve global traffic. Also on the left, change the match type to Exact Wide.
Suppose you have a blog about PC games. You should start with the broadest keyword: "PC games". Now look at the results looking for more accurate keywords that have at least 50,000 monthly searches. By this time:
download games for pc
free games for pc
strategy games
Write them somewhere. This is the first filter.
To filter keywords again, choose one of the three first words and put them in the Adwords tool. eg "download games for pc":
Now you need to search through those results again, looking for more specific keywords that have between 1000 and 15,000 visits per month. Some examples: "download free games for pc," how to download games for pc "and" download pc war games ".
The longer the key word is best, while having at least 1000 monthly searches, because it will be easy to position yourself.

Step 2: Create a piece of content that meets the needs of these users

Google's business is still searching. It means you need to deliver results that meet users or start losing money.Knowing that, the starting point for any promotional effort to increase your organic traffic should be the needs of users who want to attract.
In other words if you want to receive traffic from the keyword "free pc download games", you must be sure that the page on your site that is supposed to be positioned for that keyword has all the information, links and resources when someone needs looking for the term for which you are looking.
Now your goal is to create a page or post on your blog for each of these keywords in the long tail that you found in the first step. No need to do it all in one day. Instead you could publish one every week or so.
Just make sure that the content of the page is complete and first class, fear not spend hours researching and composing it.

Step 3: Promote the pages as they are

As you probably know, having great content is only part of the equation if you want to position yourself well in Google and get organic traffic. The other part is promotion and backlinks.
Here are some methods you can use to promote each page or post once you've posted:
Send the URL of your page to bloggers in your niche telling them they can find interesting. And this does not mean 5 or 6 of them. Means send it to 100 bloggers and website owners. If you can not find 100 websites in your niche, you're not working hard enough.
Gallery Post as a guest on other blogs and instead of linking to your homepage, link to the page you are promoting. As in the previous section we talked about dozens of posts as a guest.
Use the power of social networks like Twitter and Facebook to promote the page and you can create a contest to encourage them to share the page with your friends.
Write about your site in online forums, question and answer sites, social bookmarking, etc..

Step 4: Wait to Win

That is enough. After doing all this, you just need to wait while your pages up positions in search results. This takes between 4 to 8 weeks. At this point you should see an increase in organic traffic and consequently your Adsense earnings.
If you work as planned, return to Step 1 and repeat the process with other keywords or other niches too.

0 Concepts To Make A Weblog worth

When I make a webpage value while webpage I mean we do generate money because in the end is what problems.Maybe we will not become well-known, but if you have a affordable income.
There are weblogs on every topic possible, but of course, does not mean they are all fantastic in their area. But whoever put the necessary effort into your website can create a webpage with many visitors, even if a topic something "dark".
So if you want to make a webpage and do not know about that topic, here are 81 principles you can use:

Self-help, self-hypnosis

Health and workouts for active people

Language Learning

How to trip on a funds (best costs on resorts, car rentals, trip tips)

How to Create Well or composing styles

Animals rescued

Personal Growth (ambitions and passions)

Social and interaction skills

Working in uncommon areas separate of location


Recipes for childless couples

Guide to men women communication

Use technological innovation (credit card handling ,Google Documents, CRM)

Bullying / internet bullying

Behavioral conditions in children

Training for bodyweight gain

Business education and learning

Disc Golf (sport like golf)

DIY tasks and companies, promoting home made products

How to have a fantastic marriage

How to be a actual and true friend

How to practice for a Triathlon

Career compared to job, adhere to your passion

Certified in VMWare

Certified in Microsoft


Self-sustainable way of life (grow your own food / use solar etc)

Strengthening the brain (mind over issue / clear dream)

Beyond the fundamentals of individual financial management

Blog about consuming healthy


Home Brewing

Self Protection Exercising ("women" or "children" or "business executive")

Independent movie gaming development

Tactics activity, displaying through movie tutorials

Community Farming / Town Agriculture

Start your own public network

How to take amazing images regardless of what photographic camera you have in your pocket

Design weblogs and web websites for non-designers (how to make your website look fantastic without
investing a fortune)

The art of getting what you want (such as assurance and strategy used to get what they want out of way of
life, your connections and your career)

Creating fantastic movie clips for the Web (like providing your product to the next level, webpage or company using videos)

Self career (the strategies behind the project itself, as you activate for yourself (ie like making your job, discover wellness insurance coverage, set up a organization, etc.)

How to make a top seller email (could papers the process of developing an eBook for the Amazon Amazon kindle or other digital format)

Fast studying of languages

How to become a fantastic writer

How to shed bodyweight and feel much better (no issue the age! Fun workouts)

Vegan or veggie diet

Cycling. For example trip within the place.

Living in an residence (in this case you might consider income, decor, etc.)

Interior Style Blog

Eating natural on a budget

Health aware, high-mileage, simple travel

How to become a well-known stone star

Sports photography

Life abilities / way of life teaching for secondary university students

College preparing for college

Public discussing (as get over the worry of hearing; simple strategy in demonstrations, etc.)

Site relevant to family associates members (topics targeted on enhancing interaction between close relatives,
as improving creativeness of kids and mother and father, and help kids discover their interest and inner peace)

Career Events

Learning to perform the Ukulele

Learning to perform guitar

Get what you want without splitting the law or get rid of connects.

Becoming a bottles connoisseur

Build a vessel and combination the ocean

Becoming fantastic at tennis and be eligible for a Wimbledon



As specialist can enhance our producitivdad, connections with buddies and gamilia, and even the total well

Living easier (a webpage to discover and create a kind of map of a trip of residing with fantastic incomes to
a way of life much easier and cheaper)

The best locations all over the globe and how to stay above objectives there?

How do trip movie clips and photos

The Great Economic downturn (a webpage based on a self-sustaining way of life with less sized cost.)
build an program for the iPhone

The end around the globe and the Mayan predictions on Dec 21, 2012
Car Maintenance

Run a little and nimble company.

A website for "good cause" (telling the tale of effective companies that are non-profit or charitable)


The globe of exclusive conferences

QR Requirements. What is the best use of them for company marketing.

Inspiring Bootstrappers (a webpage to motivate bootstrappers actual posting achievements story)

2 Throw away the clock forever (with Google Adsense)

When I talk about Google AdSense people get excited. This is the truth. I do not know how but I always end up talking about Adsense and people always just getting excited and looking forward to getting into it. It is logical that excited because convey my passion and joy when he tells me what happened.

I tell a good day (two years ago) I was sick of working for money, only worked to put food on the table, pay the rent and go out for a drink. Then again I had to work to buy food, pay rent, etc.. When I realized that I was on a road to nowhere I knew I had to change my way of making money. I realized that while working for others was never going to be free and just worked to make them richer.

My work was worthless and had to pay off to something more than just a financial reward for my time. With my work I had to build something of value, a resource that would feed me in the future. I years creating resources for others, but I forgot myself. Before, only saw the money and only working for the money.

I assure you that my economy was terribly wrong. Had recently moved to London to a neighborhood too expensive for my pocket and desperately needed a job to cover my expenses. Interviews would, however had this thing inside me that would not in any way more work for anyone again. I wanted to do what I knew I should do to be free in the future.

It had its own page with a decent traffic, the only page that holds as a personal project) and after seeing these rare ads 'Google' everywhere (and watch soon realized that) I decided to try.

I think too late because people said they get paid per click would not give any money. This happens to me to listen to these pessimistic without testing and decide for myself. One thing I've learned about is that many people are like crabs, if you put one in a box once you escape and regain their freedom, however, if you put more than one (two, three, four, anyway) you can ensure that none be released because when you try to exit the other will pull back to within. People always want to lose you 'in the clouds' to your level when you believe in something too good for reality. But I continue with my story ...

Shortly after I discovered Google Adsense stop looking for a job and started working for myself. Could generate money with AdSense without money. All you needed was a computer, an Internet connection and some desire.

With AdSense did not have to set the alarm and get up in the morning. With Adsense did not have to put up or a boss, or the traffic, and I could spend all morning in pajamas (when they decided to get up before 12).And I'm not saying you have to be lazy and spend the day in bed in his pajamas, but it is good to choose, right?

And best of AdSense is that built something that would always be working for me, but I was on vacation taking a pina colada.

Make no mistake. I'm not saying I can stop working forever, but the time I invest creates and grows a resource that gives me money and freedom now and so much money that it generates and freedom desfruto only grow with time ..

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is managed by Google advertising you can display on your website and when someone clicks on ad Google pays you.

And this because I'm interested?

* Interested because you can build a page and generate a source of income while you continue to receive your site is online.

* Interested because you can generate money - your own business - and you can increase the payments you receive from Google much more quickly than in a job. How many jobs will a raise every week, every month, or every three months? Not very often do you? Since I use my AdSense revenue up continuously.

* Interested mostly because your website is a resource.'s A resource that gives you as much money as if you're working on it or not.

All these benefits are fortunate for me because my girlfriend loves to travel. I can leave when I want and the money keeps coming for my website + AdSense is a money making machine that does not require my constant attention to work well.

Having said all that I want to make something clear: You can not make a page and leave it permanently abandoned. Otherwise upgrade lose traffic and lose income, but do not have to do it every day, or every week, well, that depends on you .

How much I can earn money with Adsense?

Again it depends on you and your limits. Many people only earn for eating out once a week or to buy a chocolate bar, but others such as Joel Comm who earns between $ 12 to 16.000 dollars a month just for AdSense.

Depends (The combination of the following):

1. What the advertiser pays per click
2. The amount of traffic coming to your site
3. Where and how you place the ads
4. That classification has each of your pages in Google
5. The colors, background and border ads

Any of these five factors can make a world of difference in your profits. If you have a page with AdSense and those earning little is because these failing in one or more of these criteria.

What makes me more grace in all this is that AdSense is a world. I found many Webmasters who are ignorant unconscious. So, as they know that they are ignorant and they lose a paste AdSense every month, because they do nothing to cut the loss of that money. And most distressing is that if you tell, do not ignore, because they think they know everything.

What changes would the human race if we were all like that? How we would move if anyone was interested in learning more?, Discover new things, in short, to increase their knowledge in their own quality of life - not to mention - more to fill their pockets.

There is a very famous Internet entrepreneur named John Reese. John is a millionaire because of some time and is the most recognized in the world of Internet marketing. Do you think John has a big ego? Do you think that John, as a millionaire and the most recognized in the world, thinks it has more to learn? Quite the contrary. John buys absolutely everything e-books, courses and other related Internet selling because he knows he does not know it-all-and-all-want to know what others know. And the fact that his head is so open to learn from the ideas and skills and other methods that you can spend a good part of its success.

OK, let's cut to the chase. Want to spend more time with your family, girlfriend and friends and less time at work? Are you willing to turn off the TV after work and build a resource that will allow you to achieve it?'ll Give you some tips to get started:

What not to do:

* Make a page about something that nobody cares about, see if there is interest.
* Put 4 phrases to attract people and place ads in Google, this will not help you win anything and you'll get banned by Google.
* Put a link directory. There are already too many and the click rate is very low at these sites.
* Put animations, Flash, or any such thing that bothers and paste anything with ads
* Build a Web only to make money with AdSense. End up bored and unmotivated, build a page that interests you and you love and can also give you money

What we need to do:

* Do research and look at what keywords attract more advertisements. You have to find the hot topics that announce where all are struggling to come out first and are willing to pay a lot for it
* Think about topics that are growing and you can provide that will be wars later on those keywords, here is where you can have a great advantage
* Learn all about positioning to get traffic. This is not difficult, invest some time in it.
* Be persistent. When launching a new page Google will not give you a lot of traffic because they're new. If you keep adding content and some links to your site, you gradually increase traffic. The principle is very misleading, all increases with time and persistence and constant learning.
* If you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do but do not have time even to start, buy the domain and put some introductory page for Google to register as soon as possible.
* Put a goal! Decide how much traffic you have and how much money you earn and point it and hang it on the wall in front of your work area. Do not stop until you've achieved.

And when you have a page with Adsense added:

* Do not put colors in ads screaming, place them so that they fit perfectly with your site.
* Remember that people do not want to click on ads, they want to click on content. Use blocks Google to do better, you know what they are? Those who seem less ads!
* Sets the content of your site so that they leave the ads you want or you know you pay more. Look first to the URL, because before passing AdBot reviewing the page and put related ads, first sees the URL so be careful what you put there!
* Do not put ads on pages with a CTR (per click) very low. This undermines the value of your body and Google ads you pay less per click.
* Please note that Google displays ads that more pay first, make sure that people are clicking on the ads rather than others.
* Use tracking (tracking). Know the keywords and URLs you receive clicks and where people are clicking ads. You need to use the channels that Google offers another tool with which is Adsense Tracker.

Both for people who already know all this for newbies, I have written a book on AdSense counting all the details and principles that I have learned working with AdSense.

Years ago, as a rookie I bought a book that cost me more, $ 79. I do not inspire much confidence the sales page but I said, "If what I learn in the book I can earn only $ 79 more with AdSense, I will have recovered my investment." And I had to think about it more.

This is very important: You have to apply the tips, make and measure testing and use your imagination. This may include a complete redesign of your site, and why not? It's worth a little effort to take more from AdSense. Remember that what you think you can do, what you do and what you think you can not do, not what you can do. Two people in the same situation can achieve completely different results depending on how each one acts and thinks about what he learns from book.

0 Simple Method to Make Money on Adsense and get paid every month

Here's a method by which you can make money with Adsense, and the best is that you can receive money monthly, meaning that you could win $ 100 upwards.
If you're already doing, then I would recommend that you keep your system working because you're doing well. This method is going to serve those who earn more every month with Adsense, but charge every two or three months.
These people work hard on their pages, but do not earn enough money with Adsense, then, I offer a simpler method, which takes four weeks to implement. I will not charge anything, just ask that you take the time to read what I write.
This is a simple program, but be constant as in an exercise routine, and you have to stay motivated to comply with the program, and at the end we will see that it is worth it.
A warning before, and not take it personally, I have very little time to help directly, and if you do not succeed now sorry but you will not achieve rapid, welcome to the real world, right? I am direct, but not abusive. To be paid by Adsense every month, you have to earn $ 100, or $ 3.3 per day, and to be honest, with that amount one earns enough to live well, then my method may be effective, but to gain you can live well have to  apply it several times to get those results.
As I said before, I hope you have time to read this, as it is quite extensive, but imagine how it took me to write this and then I think it is worth it.
To receive payment for Adsense to make ends meet, you need to have earned $ 100 during the month, which is about $ 3.34 per day. Assuming you have a CTR of 5% and an average CPC of $ 0.1, need some 0600 impressions 30 clicks which may mean 400 unique visitors per day. Sounds complicated, but it's actually much harder, but that does not matter in this method.
Anyway, get 30 clicks on your pages every day is easy, but the truth is that these clicks must have two conditions: be the required traffic for your pages, and you need a well placed ad, so the CTR comes easily to  5%.
Well, I guess I can not explain every word I speak here, you can find the information on this page or by searching Google.
When I say that you work every day for 4 weeks, in fact, means that you will deal with only one hour a day.  Can you do it? No? Then stop reading, this is not going to serve. Keep doing what you do and live better.
And the method? Good start to see the steps if you have any questions, leave a comment, and then in the future we will expand this tutorial with these additional explanations:
What do you need?
A page to publish your content. Your website or blog. Preferably with a domain and hosting, but it is not always necessary but the hosting is cheap (less than $ 10 a month and you can have as many domain names as you can) and gives you flexibility in what you post.
Meet Google Insights:
http://www.google.com/insights/search/ #
Install Google Analytics on your website:
Inside Google Insights have various categories, in total there are 27 in the method explore one category per day and the 28th use Google Analytics. The important thing is that the country where your site has categories  approaches applied by Google, in my case, I'm using Argentina.
You can repeat my method each month if you want, but do not need to, because my method once running will get you at least $ 100 every month from Adsense, but of course, if you do it again, then it will be $ 200 per month until Adsense die or until they disappear.
The method is very simple, take the SPORTS category (sports) as an example, and that example thou shalt bring forth your conclusions. It is the same for all categories, do remember that one category per day.
Then let Google Insights and do not put anything in the search terms, leave them empty. On the right you have 4 combos as seen in the image (click to see full size):
These combos change them to:
Then click on the Search button. On the next page, scroll down to the end and look at the two lists: "Top Searches" and "Rising Searches" (click to view actual size).
The aim will be to choose a keyword from each list, you have to be creative here. As a first rule to help: if a keyword is present in both lists, select it as the first keyword, in this case we see "river". Then for the second, ideally to look for a word that is also on both lists, but if you have to choose the one closest to the top of the list. I choose "national b".
Then the first pair is: NATIONAL RIVER & B. We return to the top of the page and repeat the process, only changing the length of time, instead of "Last 12 Months", change it to "Last 90 days", and then "Last 30 days." Each time, choose a couple of keywords. not choose them. In my case I chose:
Last 12 months: NATIONAL RIVER & B
Last 90 days: BOCA & DAVIS CUP
Now, back to Google Insights again, and this time, you will enter something in the search box. You can put up to 5 search terms, sometimes with three pairs of keywords, but as in my case you can enter all the words, one in each box and configure the time period as follows:
Click the Search button, and low at the end of the page. Now read carefully: for each keyword do the same as before, choose two keywords (usually sentences, two words or more, or you can have simple words) of each list, if a keyword is on both lists choose these. If there are numbers in the key phrases, ignore them, for example instead of "Argentine football 2011", only veiled as "Argentine football."
Note that the above list is a combo that can be used to switch between the keywords entered, there will display different lists for each keyword.
So if I do this process, here are my results:
NEXT STEP: Now we have the part of keyword research, and now comes the most difficult part of this method. You have to create three pages on your site, you can copy and paste if you know nothing about the keywords, then you have to do a little research to understand at least the main terms.
Write at least a text of 500 characters (not words). An example for a few words from me:

TEXT: The historic River Plate did not reach the First National B tournament in Argentina, leaving just two points behind leaders AC Institute CBA, but still within the two positions they mean promotion to First. River Plate was the second scorer of the championship, Fernando Cavenaghi, with 13 goals. Rosario Central and Quilmes would play the play-off to see who would be the third promoted. For now, the results of the National B goes well, the next date is in February 2012, where the two pointers are visiting, while Rosario and Quilmes be local.
Do you think it will amount to Institute First and River next year and the results of the National B will not change?

Is it OK not? not much effort in writing this text. The truth I knew very little about the National B tournament in Argentina, I researched a bit and that's it. My keywords are in the text, we see the same text with keywords in bold.

TEXT: The historic River Plate did not reach the First National B tournament in Argentina, leaving just two points behind leaders AC Institute CBA, but still within the two positions they mean promotion to First. River Plate had to second scorer of the championship, Fernando Cavenaghi, with 13 goals. Rosario Central and Quilmes would play the play-off to see who would be the third promoted. For now, the results of the National B goes well, the next date is in February 2012, where the two pointers are visiting, while Rosario and Quilmes be local.
Do you think it will amount to Institute First and River next year and the results of the National B will not change?

Now, you have to do the same job three times, and have already completed the day. You can do more, then more couples choose keywords or key words per couple, but also do not burn much, it is better to do 3 pages a day for four weeks, to do 10 pages a day for 3 days, and tired and stop before finishing all categories. And the best thing is to do three pages a day, you can type more text per page, plaster is much better. My little sample text is not enough, you have 500 characters, but is actually the minimum, and you should know that it is best to write more, just makeup history and find an angle to talk about this topic, you gave Google Insights Today category.
I think it's easy to understand, but if you need to clarify some point, leave a comment to help in any way possible.
I recommend setting up your site, with the appropriate categories from Google Insights, for example for the Arts and Entertainment Arts & Entertainment category. Then share the 3 pages created on social networks, at least you should have an account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And on each page should make a "Like", a "tweet" and "+1".
If you have more time, you can enter these pages to sites like Digg / StumbleUpon / Delicious / Reddit / etc.
Do not do more, do not spam comments on pages, blogs or forums. No. Relax, enjoy the rest of the day and wait for tomorrow and start with the next category.
What happens when you end up with the categories? 
Considering that there are 27 categories, and the method is 28 days.
 We need one day. That day we opened our Google Analytics account and look for the words for which we sought in the search engines. Find out what consultations led to our visits to our site. Sure, most queries are for older pages may not see visits to pages created in the 25, 26 or 27, but that does not matter, just check the queries and then takes 3 of between 10 queries brought more visits (the top 10).
Then create a page for each with the title exactly like the query, and the text of the page will be an explanation or anything, here you have to be creative, to repeat the query several times in your text.
Here is a small example for the last day tasks. Say you have the following search phrase, "with River Plate who plays the next date" and that phrase you choose for your next article. Then create a page within the Sports category, and titulas like: "Who plays River Plate the next date?"
On the talk of the next rival River Plate, and the possibilities are the result and if possible, the possible alignment of equipment. You can repeat several times the same phrase: "River Plate will play in February XXX XXX .... and possibly will make a good match to River Plate because XXX is the center".
And after those 28 days' hard working ", you will see your Adsense account, and tell me if you're happy, then I will be.
Then, you can take some rest, relax, and you can start another round of four weeks to increase your daily earnings even more. By now, if you've done well, it will be a simple routine, even a habit. You can also admit you learned something you did not know before, and then you can write better texts on your next round.
You should have a minimum of 28 * 3 = 84 pages optimized for key words in 27 categories. If you have something to show, something can go wrong with the application of my method. Try again!

0 Make free advertising using online classifieds

It is very simple to make advertising your business free internet thanks

On the internet you find a lot of site to make a free advertising through classifieds.I myself regularly spends ads on various sites, all kinds of ads elsewhere, private or professional.
I suggest you prepare your ads for free publicity efficient, open your notepad and prepare multiple listings for the same advertising.
  • Prepare well the title catchy and amazing. Ex: "10 secrets to" a "startling revelation" "Finally, the best product." I think you know what I mean.
  • Improve the main text should be short and catchy, do not forget, this is a classified ad. The body of the latter will take the prospect to your product
  • If you made ​​an ad regional give out your business address, phone number, fax and your email so that people can easily reach you
  • Then think to put in your favorites sites and classified ads when you receive the confirmation email then put in your address book so that their mail does not fall into the spam box.
  • Regularly you will be notified ads arriving late edition, think about the renewed regularly.
Hint: Put a regular interval of different ads on the same site, so you will have a bearing effective ads.
Make free advertising using online classifieds
Advertise Free with online classifieds
To find classifieds sites, tap Google "free classifieds" and you will see the most popular first page. Do not limit yourself to a few ads, put in tens.
You can use software for your small announcement . Know that you have your ads for free advertising, you will have more returns. This service of classified ads, classifieds, and manages the renewed automatically. Very effective and cheap compared to returns. This is long enough to prepare your campaign free but then thetime saved is enormous. You and I both know that time is money.

How people see your ad in the free classifieds sites

General searches are keyword for a pressure cooker, people type cocote, but for a branded product, they type-so coffee for example. So to make your free advertising and it has the impact it deserves, consider the detail has produced generic point of view. Do not simply itemize your brand but the product. Do not say "use the scotch-so, but the tape-so. I think now you understand, always think in terms of keyword.

A good number of free publicity brings prospect in time.

During their search users read the first announcement, which is why it is better to put more and renewed regularly.
Often on classifieds sites, there is no possibility of the internet address of your website then you must cheat.
An extra tip: I create an email special for my ads on my hosting provider I create redirection email address, or to my site to my autoresponder to manage monitoring prospects.C 'is a technical and very profitable little known.
Once your campaign ads is finished, it will be advertising your business is free, it remains for you to wait for returns and analyze them to improve your classifieds.
Important: You say that I'm repeating myself, but know that it is important to a large number of ads in several website to get good return is one of the techniques to make an effective free advertising.

0 The Secret to make an advertising free and effective in your head

Nowadays, advertising is often a paying job to be deducted from your earnings. In general, this pump station advertising your sales up to 1 to 3%. Too bad, it would be better in your case!
To reduce your advertising expenses, you need to be resourceful and develop different techniques to help you make a free advertising . Our brain does not limit the drift can explore unknown worlds. So put your brain road and ask him to find an inexpensive solution to know your business.
As an example, I found this article published by great newspaper "The essential" in Luxembourg.
This manager has decided to make known his shop with a creative advertising. Look at this picture! Before his mattress store, he stacked a few mattresses and there is a person sleep in pajamas with his teddy bear. What an idea!This is for sure the guy gets paid to sleep. I would love to be like him!
Here's another way to do free advertisingcreative. Artists settle in secret, at night, works of art in their cities to make themselves known in the morning at sunrise, people see this work in the street and are surprised. The examples abound.
Look at McDonalds, which changes the color of its logo in green is greener, everyone talked about it, here's a nice marketing campaign, the company had talks burgers.
But you, have you ever thought about doing free advertising for your business. Let's imaginative!
Think. I will say for example:
  • Shop for a joke, do free advertising is the son or a friend dressed as a clown can make jokes to passersby.
  • Shop for bikes and motorbikes, an old vespa in front of the store with a tape recorder hidden in the interior and operated by a timer could start loud sound to challenge the barge.
  • Or, there are the advertising market models inflatable fabric 2 to 3 m high.Equipped with a presence detector or a timer, the fan could recover thereof alternately.
  • At the time, my company before tiling, I planted a mast with a flag bearing the image of my logo, the store is below the flag was a eye of motorists who were forced to turn head to finally see the store was down.
Imagine the effect on passersby? Okay I'll stop there, the choice is vast, you have to find your idea, with a minimum investment, it might work for months.

Advertise free just have more effect by paying this one, but it is up to you to imagine.

How many are there people around your business that do not even know it exists or do not think to come to you when they need your products or services. Free publicity could change that.
Operation simple marketing can bring a lot of customers to your store. And all that your store is the effect of criticism, a good way to talk about your store is to advertise free with your imagination, then you turn the barge prospect as soon as it enters your store It remains only to not turn into a customer.
It's like on the internet, you must create the buzz, so many people talking about you.If your stunt shows and more promos in the vicinity of your action advertising, people say their relationship "did you see in bike riding, it has a Vespa makes a noise, I was startled he made specials, bikes 50 euros children "even though he has no children, spread your advertising to the public and it will spread, this is viral advertising.
The curious will see in your shop and pub colporteront the message you want to send. Just get good people and their explain why and how. Customers and especially the elderly are engaging, they will not hesitate to ask questions.
For free publicity, we must prepare your arguments. Moto bike might say, "this year has increased my sales, so my provider gave me a few kids bikes at factory prices and I wanted to share it with my clients." The word will create some urgency with prospects who want to buy a bike for their child. They come quickly in your business not to miss this offer is limited. Obviously, we must regularly renew this action and free publicity regularly with new ideas to continue to maintain the buzz around your store.

Free publicity is given to all, imagination is not only for artists, it is all the way forward.

I'm sure you know how, while at work. As you can see, this is a marketing strategy, you have to think, on paper and develop it to be a success. Advertise free is very easy, even for materials carry little be free, this is your imagination prevails, it is what will help you choose your advertising, but also to develop appropriate marketing strategies a small business or commerce. I ask you to try to take the timeto think and take time to implement, you will see the results, they are amazing and varied. Sometimes they are not as measurable effect hard time, your brand, your image is a reflection of your business, so do not hesitate to consult your mental health. Stop believing that you do not have it in to as free publicity is an essential marketing strategy for your business. In strategist, who is your role as an employer, you must shake your habits, because they have a hard life, but are not always effective.

0 Earn Money with Videos

There is a growing quest to make money through the Internet. This is evidenced by the thousands of ads claiming you can make huge amounts of income with small amounts of work. Unfortunately, most of these ads are scams, and millions of people have spent their hard earned money in an attempt to make money themselves mĂȘmes.Toutefois, if you are interested in making web videos, you can actually make a profit by doing so. This may seem difficult, but it is very easy to start making money through web videos.
One of the best ways to earn money through web videos is by using ad sites revenue sharing. These types of sites allow you to place your video on their websites, but whenever your video generates revenue through ads that are placed on the page, you created a certain amount of money. Although you probably will not become rich with this type of site, you will however, make a decent amount of money.
The key to making the most money off advertising revenue sites is by uploading as much content as you can, and making each video for a certain type of audience. That why you have a targeted audience that will be interested in clicking through the ads at the end of your video.Some ad sites are good recipes Video Revver and Google Video.
Another way that you can make money through web videos is through a more professional approach that can end up being very profitable.These types of websites are places where you can sell your photos and videos, as iStockVideo. This site allows you to sell your videos, but they must be of a certain quality. To maximize your sells through these types of sites, make sure you take time with the videos and make them as unique and powerful as possible. You'll see then income starting to roll in.
If you want a unique way to make money through web videos, than simply start looking for sponsors.Disons you really like a certain product, and want to create videos on this product, however, before you do, contact the company that manufactures this product. Let them know that you want to launch a campaign video on the web, and show them your ideas. You might be surprised that it can be quite easy to find sponsors video on the web, and after that you will be able to have someone that you pay for a video on the web.
This is a great way to create a steady income, because if you do a good job, most companies will have to continue to make videos for you to them. Remember, the key is to be professional in your videos and have at least five to ten videos already made and ready to shoot.There are many ways you can make money making web videos, all you need is a desire to succeed and the desire to be creative. After these two, you're on your way to make money doing something you love.

0 Another alternative to Adsense!!

This is another of the many alternatives to Google Adsense: VADpay
This system is similar in operation to Adsense or Oxado (including many others), but ..... here are some of its key features:
- Pay the webmaster or publisher for 70% of all revenue generated from sales occurring through our site.
- Referral system where you earn 20% of what these wins.
- Pay weekly reached $ 10 USD (if less than this figure accumulates the gains for the next week and so on).
- Pay via PayPal, Moneybookers, E-gold, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.
- You can set the ads to prevent breaking the design and content of our website.
- You can approve or reject ads from our user panel (you can also choose this system automatically configuring the types of ads you want to display on your site).
- Provides support for: text ads, banner ads, rechargeable, floating banners ... and many more!
- You can create your campaign with a minimum bid of $ 0.01 USD per click.
- You can deposit up to $ 500 USD to campaign.
- You can set the system's advertising campaign for their banners are shown only to certain and certain people in certain websites according to geographic, demographic categories of websites and "keywords".
The system used by this web advertising is CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), that is: the advertiser will only pay for valid clicks on their banners or events per thousand impresiondes it.
It has a variety of formats for ads and as the site itself will be available much more quickly.
In addition, the navigability of the site is excellent and ads load faster than Oxado or other advertising system you've tried. Registration is free for both publishers or webmasters and advertisers and the interface is extremely friendly.
I recommend you try this advertising site is relatively new but it looks very promising and is, today, with the entire feature set out above, an alternative to Google Adsense together with the known Oxado.

0 The best alternative: Oxado vs. Adsense

Surely you tried to earn some extra money by connecting to the Internet.Chances are that you seek some form of pay per click, paid to read emails or payment for subscribing somewhere on that perhaps you have not the slightest interest.
It may be that at some point in history these systems hold what we need ... in fact, always pay something, since they pay for doing work. But we have been thinking:
... And what if I get paid to me by other people do clicks on ads?
Ummm! This would win without doing almost anything almost, I say almost nothing because the only thing you need is a website or a blog and an account with a payment processing system as Moneybookers , for example.
Make a blog, as you are reading this, it is relatively easy and if you have a hobby or a hobby can quietly write every day about the topic that you would like ... and start earning money when other people, reading what you have written, you see advertising on your blog or website and make clicks on it.
In another post describing how to open an account at Moneybookers as it is (as many say) the best alternative to Paypal.
Here I will discuss only the advantages of Oxado on as system to insert Adsense ads on your website ... and win it.
Adsense is the advertising system developed by Google and is the best pay per click as understood in the Net. This system has a number of advantages over many others, but this is not about what I will discuss in this post. though Adsense has become the most popular of these systems still exist today defects and disadvantages.
Being so familiar and pay a bit more than any of these systems the "Clickmania" on Adsense has become sticky. There are even people who have their own mailing lists where updated daily websites subscribers to these lists, including himself, to become clicks between them and other sites and make more money. This is already well known by people or companies that publish ads through Adsense and really have realized that they are paying advertising rates and practically get nothing because people on these lists just above clickean advertising, expect you load the page and then close it without more ado as not interested in the content that is in them. Of these form:
Google wins, the winning list subscribers and companies that publish ... NO GAIN!
This is why many companies have migrated to other advertising systems payments that are less known than Adsense, but give them a little more security.
Google Adsense also has the disadvantage of not paying enough for their search program, similar systems pay higher rates.
Another disadvantage is that Adsense payments made ​​by check (only) and this is fatal, because it can happen something like this ... it appears that the company has had legal problems with the government of Brazil and this has blocked sending checks by this entity.
Oops! Some problems with Google Adsense, no? But do not worry ... we still have no choice but to make money with our website or blog: Oxado .
Oxado is a system similar to Google Adsense, but with some advantages this feasible.
The registration process is simple, easy and free. It also has a Spanish interface with possibility of changing to another 4 languages.
Your advertising is specific as you choose: just after enrolling add a website to the list of its websites Oxado and publish a banner ad, you want to choose which advertisements to display on your site and you are! ... . Oxado does the rest for you!
According to statistics of your website "shows Oxado Notices 571 million per month in 43 269 Web Sites" this means that approximately Oxado could publish on its website 13 200 ads per month ... If your site has a large number of visitors, does not believe you that someone might be interested in some of these ads???
No need to have a minimum number of visits per month to its web Oxado approve and begin generating publicity, but it is imperative that your website is not in the design process and should have at least a fair amount of content incites not click on the ad. They check their web previously for compliance with these requirements: if so, immediately approve your site and you start earning money by advertising aparce, you indicate otherwise, via email, the reasons why your site was not accepted.
Now you might ask:
If my site was not accepted ... then I have lost everything???
No! You still can, as often as desired, submit your site to the judgment of Oxado. Just correct the problems that were mentioned and that's it ... there have their income generating website.
And I want to make an aside here: Oxado no ads on websites that incite pay per click (PTC), Paid to read emails (ptr) or enroll in payment websites (pts) and that is why, for example, I can not put advertising on this blog ... Oxado with Oxado this makes it clear to companies and people in general that your ads, unlike Adsense, only appear on websites where people who are interested in visiting these truth content and advertising step: it is more likely that a group of "clickeadores" decided to make a small network of blogs or websites that devote 30% of their space to useful and the remaining 70% to advertising step and encourage the visitor to click on it to build a website where, for example, or payments offered free tutorials, utilities or other advertising resources and put as secondary. This is why many companies and individuals decide to hire Oxado to manage your Internet advertising. It may sound silly to those of us dedicated to make clicks (stating that this work is not critical, I do, but not in the manner previously indicated, just say it comes to protecting Oxado Adsense but who are hired to post their ads). Logically, companies find it more profitable to hire the Adsense Oxado since, perhaps less popular Oxado Adsense, but at least keep your advertising on sites maybe they report something to your business.
And you will say, but if I put ads on my website then clickeen people want more and more about it, so I can make more money .... and they are right.But beware, if you do the overnight begins to generate significant revenue from matter of clicks made on the ads on your site may be that companies like Oxado, Adsense, AdBrite and others investigate the case and discover a clickeadores group behind it .... Well ..... perhaps imagine the scene ....
Well, after this explanation .... continue ....
Another advantage that has Oxado about Adsense is that, although it can vary, it is reported and known in advance rates on pay per click advertising (Adsense not informed about this, just know that sometimes it pays better).Oxado defines these prices by country and region: for example in the case of the clicks that come from somewhere in Germany the maximum price per click is 0.10 €, from Australia, to a maximum of € 0.13 and so on.
Also offers the possibility Oxado formatting the banner or ad you want to put on your website so that it integrates easily with your site: background color, text, size ... well, you can tailor the advertising format as you like for this not break with the design standards set by you for your website.
It also has, like many other of these systems, an affiliate program and referrals.
But most important is now: Oxado pay by check (France), by bank transfer (EU countries) and also by Moneybookers and Paypal for the rest of the world and this is the most interesting. Because of this, many people consider it a serious competitor to Adsense as this system, as we have seen, only pay by check with the consequences that this may entail.
In short, many people feel that Adsense is superior in many respects to Oxado but beware! ... Do not rush to conclusions. Oxado is only one alternative to Adsense and grows every day more and more. Only the ownership payment method other than Adsense and being able to know in advance the price of pay per click and make a terrible adversary Oxado Adsense and for us the best of all alternatives.
Now, after reading all this here, and have drawn their own conclusions, I ask:
... Why not give around Oxado and see the advantages it provides for yourself?. Who knows, and you may be the next blogger to write a post about Oxado giving the rest of the blogosphere the experiences you have had with, ultimately, the best alternative to Adsense.  

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