0 How to Make Your Content Viral To Increase Your Views

You know what happens when something goes viral: it seems that the hosts of hell release of visits: Seth Godin becomes an icon, Dell loses millions and anyone who has had this kind of content gets thousands or millions of views in a few days .
Surely it is something that anyone wants to have, and that our entry, video, picture or animation we re a celebrity internet.
It seems that anyone can do it, but really what viral appears from time to time, and never for all.
Luckily, some of the viral content can be constructed so accurate, since the rest depends on luck.
We can imagine a formula to make your content viral content mixed "epic", a critical mass of visitors,and friction action.
Content "epic" can be understood as the content that makes people think, that inspires people to do something, to change their lives, content that creates value, that pushes people to use.
That is crucial, if your content is not useful, does not think, does not inspire, no change, if not worth anything, then you will never be viral. Think about the content you would expect people to pay for it and "Gift". Content "epic" has an exponential impact.
The critical mass of visitors means the amount necessary for the content "epic" replicating. That is theoretically three people find content, and each is shared with three others, and soon the number of visitors exceeds all expectations.
Nice? Truth? As in real life, you share content with three people, and do not read it, another will read and do nothing, and the third will tell three friends who may not even read it. They need a certain amount of attention to a critical mass that exceeds that limit lock, which means that a person shares something or not. Need really pretty at this point.
Action: everything in life involves action, and make your content go viral also requires action. For something to go viral, not enough people read something and like it, your visitors have to share it, and that's an action that needs to be multiplied. And not just on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter where it is easier to share, that action is needed in all networks, to overcome the friction that represents indolence.
Then we have three ingredients to make your content go viral:
1. Start creating a content truly "epic".
2. Plan all traffic sources that feed the flow of critical mass of visitors (we recommend entries in other blogs).
3. Includes an easy and safe for visitors to share content, and encourage the sharing of very energetic.


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