0 Another alternative to Adsense!!

This is another of the many alternatives to Google Adsense: VADpay
This system is similar in operation to Adsense or Oxado (including many others), but ..... here are some of its key features:
- Pay the webmaster or publisher for 70% of all revenue generated from sales occurring through our site.
- Referral system where you earn 20% of what these wins.
- Pay weekly reached $ 10 USD (if less than this figure accumulates the gains for the next week and so on).
- Pay via PayPal, Moneybookers, E-gold, Webmoney and Wire Transfer.
- You can set the ads to prevent breaking the design and content of our website.
- You can approve or reject ads from our user panel (you can also choose this system automatically configuring the types of ads you want to display on your site).
- Provides support for: text ads, banner ads, rechargeable, floating banners ... and many more!
- You can create your campaign with a minimum bid of $ 0.01 USD per click.
- You can deposit up to $ 500 USD to campaign.
- You can set the system's advertising campaign for their banners are shown only to certain and certain people in certain websites according to geographic, demographic categories of websites and "keywords".
The system used by this web advertising is CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions), that is: the advertiser will only pay for valid clicks on their banners or events per thousand impresiondes it.
It has a variety of formats for ads and as the site itself will be available much more quickly.
In addition, the navigability of the site is excellent and ads load faster than Oxado or other advertising system you've tried. Registration is free for both publishers or webmasters and advertisers and the interface is extremely friendly.
I recommend you try this advertising site is relatively new but it looks very promising and is, today, with the entire feature set out above, an alternative to Google Adsense together with the known Oxado.


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