0 Simple Method to Make Money on Adsense and get paid every month

Here's a method by which you can make money with Adsense, and the best is that you can receive money monthly, meaning that you could win $ 100 upwards.
If you're already doing, then I would recommend that you keep your system working because you're doing well. This method is going to serve those who earn more every month with Adsense, but charge every two or three months.
These people work hard on their pages, but do not earn enough money with Adsense, then, I offer a simpler method, which takes four weeks to implement. I will not charge anything, just ask that you take the time to read what I write.
This is a simple program, but be constant as in an exercise routine, and you have to stay motivated to comply with the program, and at the end we will see that it is worth it.
A warning before, and not take it personally, I have very little time to help directly, and if you do not succeed now sorry but you will not achieve rapid, welcome to the real world, right? I am direct, but not abusive. To be paid by Adsense every month, you have to earn $ 100, or $ 3.3 per day, and to be honest, with that amount one earns enough to live well, then my method may be effective, but to gain you can live well have to  apply it several times to get those results.
As I said before, I hope you have time to read this, as it is quite extensive, but imagine how it took me to write this and then I think it is worth it.
To receive payment for Adsense to make ends meet, you need to have earned $ 100 during the month, which is about $ 3.34 per day. Assuming you have a CTR of 5% and an average CPC of $ 0.1, need some 0600 impressions 30 clicks which may mean 400 unique visitors per day. Sounds complicated, but it's actually much harder, but that does not matter in this method.
Anyway, get 30 clicks on your pages every day is easy, but the truth is that these clicks must have two conditions: be the required traffic for your pages, and you need a well placed ad, so the CTR comes easily to  5%.
Well, I guess I can not explain every word I speak here, you can find the information on this page or by searching Google.
When I say that you work every day for 4 weeks, in fact, means that you will deal with only one hour a day.  Can you do it? No? Then stop reading, this is not going to serve. Keep doing what you do and live better.
And the method? Good start to see the steps if you have any questions, leave a comment, and then in the future we will expand this tutorial with these additional explanations:
What do you need?
A page to publish your content. Your website or blog. Preferably with a domain and hosting, but it is not always necessary but the hosting is cheap (less than $ 10 a month and you can have as many domain names as you can) and gives you flexibility in what you post.
Meet Google Insights:
http://www.google.com/insights/search/ #
Install Google Analytics on your website:
Inside Google Insights have various categories, in total there are 27 in the method explore one category per day and the 28th use Google Analytics. The important thing is that the country where your site has categories  approaches applied by Google, in my case, I'm using Argentina.
You can repeat my method each month if you want, but do not need to, because my method once running will get you at least $ 100 every month from Adsense, but of course, if you do it again, then it will be $ 200 per month until Adsense die or until they disappear.
The method is very simple, take the SPORTS category (sports) as an example, and that example thou shalt bring forth your conclusions. It is the same for all categories, do remember that one category per day.
Then let Google Insights and do not put anything in the search terms, leave them empty. On the right you have 4 combos as seen in the image (click to see full size):
These combos change them to:
Then click on the Search button. On the next page, scroll down to the end and look at the two lists: "Top Searches" and "Rising Searches" (click to view actual size).
The aim will be to choose a keyword from each list, you have to be creative here. As a first rule to help: if a keyword is present in both lists, select it as the first keyword, in this case we see "river". Then for the second, ideally to look for a word that is also on both lists, but if you have to choose the one closest to the top of the list. I choose "national b".
Then the first pair is: NATIONAL RIVER & B. We return to the top of the page and repeat the process, only changing the length of time, instead of "Last 12 Months", change it to "Last 90 days", and then "Last 30 days." Each time, choose a couple of keywords. not choose them. In my case I chose:
Last 12 months: NATIONAL RIVER & B
Last 90 days: BOCA & DAVIS CUP
Now, back to Google Insights again, and this time, you will enter something in the search box. You can put up to 5 search terms, sometimes with three pairs of keywords, but as in my case you can enter all the words, one in each box and configure the time period as follows:
Click the Search button, and low at the end of the page. Now read carefully: for each keyword do the same as before, choose two keywords (usually sentences, two words or more, or you can have simple words) of each list, if a keyword is on both lists choose these. If there are numbers in the key phrases, ignore them, for example instead of "Argentine football 2011", only veiled as "Argentine football."
Note that the above list is a combo that can be used to switch between the keywords entered, there will display different lists for each keyword.
So if I do this process, here are my results:
NEXT STEP: Now we have the part of keyword research, and now comes the most difficult part of this method. You have to create three pages on your site, you can copy and paste if you know nothing about the keywords, then you have to do a little research to understand at least the main terms.
Write at least a text of 500 characters (not words). An example for a few words from me:

TEXT: The historic River Plate did not reach the First National B tournament in Argentina, leaving just two points behind leaders AC Institute CBA, but still within the two positions they mean promotion to First. River Plate was the second scorer of the championship, Fernando Cavenaghi, with 13 goals. Rosario Central and Quilmes would play the play-off to see who would be the third promoted. For now, the results of the National B goes well, the next date is in February 2012, where the two pointers are visiting, while Rosario and Quilmes be local.
Do you think it will amount to Institute First and River next year and the results of the National B will not change?

Is it OK not? not much effort in writing this text. The truth I knew very little about the National B tournament in Argentina, I researched a bit and that's it. My keywords are in the text, we see the same text with keywords in bold.

TEXT: The historic River Plate did not reach the First National B tournament in Argentina, leaving just two points behind leaders AC Institute CBA, but still within the two positions they mean promotion to First. River Plate had to second scorer of the championship, Fernando Cavenaghi, with 13 goals. Rosario Central and Quilmes would play the play-off to see who would be the third promoted. For now, the results of the National B goes well, the next date is in February 2012, where the two pointers are visiting, while Rosario and Quilmes be local.
Do you think it will amount to Institute First and River next year and the results of the National B will not change?

Now, you have to do the same job three times, and have already completed the day. You can do more, then more couples choose keywords or key words per couple, but also do not burn much, it is better to do 3 pages a day for four weeks, to do 10 pages a day for 3 days, and tired and stop before finishing all categories. And the best thing is to do three pages a day, you can type more text per page, plaster is much better. My little sample text is not enough, you have 500 characters, but is actually the minimum, and you should know that it is best to write more, just makeup history and find an angle to talk about this topic, you gave Google Insights Today category.
I think it's easy to understand, but if you need to clarify some point, leave a comment to help in any way possible.
I recommend setting up your site, with the appropriate categories from Google Insights, for example for the Arts and Entertainment Arts & Entertainment category. Then share the 3 pages created on social networks, at least you should have an account on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. And on each page should make a "Like", a "tweet" and "+1".
If you have more time, you can enter these pages to sites like Digg / StumbleUpon / Delicious / Reddit / etc.
Do not do more, do not spam comments on pages, blogs or forums. No. Relax, enjoy the rest of the day and wait for tomorrow and start with the next category.
What happens when you end up with the categories? 
Considering that there are 27 categories, and the method is 28 days.
 We need one day. That day we opened our Google Analytics account and look for the words for which we sought in the search engines. Find out what consultations led to our visits to our site. Sure, most queries are for older pages may not see visits to pages created in the 25, 26 or 27, but that does not matter, just check the queries and then takes 3 of between 10 queries brought more visits (the top 10).
Then create a page for each with the title exactly like the query, and the text of the page will be an explanation or anything, here you have to be creative, to repeat the query several times in your text.
Here is a small example for the last day tasks. Say you have the following search phrase, "with River Plate who plays the next date" and that phrase you choose for your next article. Then create a page within the Sports category, and titulas like: "Who plays River Plate the next date?"
On the talk of the next rival River Plate, and the possibilities are the result and if possible, the possible alignment of equipment. You can repeat several times the same phrase: "River Plate will play in February XXX XXX .... and possibly will make a good match to River Plate because XXX is the center".
And after those 28 days' hard working ", you will see your Adsense account, and tell me if you're happy, then I will be.
Then, you can take some rest, relax, and you can start another round of four weeks to increase your daily earnings even more. By now, if you've done well, it will be a simple routine, even a habit. You can also admit you learned something you did not know before, and then you can write better texts on your next round.
You should have a minimum of 28 * 3 = 84 pages optimized for key words in 27 categories. If you have something to show, something can go wrong with the application of my method. Try again!


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