0 When Speaking Of Technology 'Fun' Is An F-Word Often Forgotten

I now know the real purpose of the DropShades LED party sunglasses after trying to dig for a deeper reason for their creation. There really is none beyond the new revelation I now have.
Supposedly, manufacturers want people to use them strictly for fun and partying-nothing else. Not even the Playstation or the Xbox is entirely just for fun, but these new DropShades are presumably only for that.
All I can think now is aw shucks. I thought I was onto something. Now I can't write about the Dumbing Down of America in reference to wearing DropShades as if I'm some huge conspiracy whistle blower. I won't be able to reveal some truth no one wants to hear. I cannot tell everyone these dark shades are a “less intelligent” version of Google Glass.
After I Read This Article
About twenty minutes into my Google search, I now confirm that the purpose of DropShades is really not that deep. “There seems to be no other motive behind these awesome DropShades party glasses other than to add a little bit of flair to that usually boring clubbing experience of yours,” says Bitrebels.
Seriously, unless I plan to go to a (hopefully drug-free) rave, these sound-activated lighted glasses have no real purpose. They won't even bring me into a new reality—just make my current one a little more livable for maybe a few more minutes.
I'm glad for this brand new epiphany.  Now I realize all my computing toys and gadgets are only partially fun, but they also serve some value to me in my line of work. I almost never buy a device merely just for “F...F...F...” I can't even say it. I can't even say "fun" out loud.
I might not be able to say the “F” word very often in relation to the devices I buy, and when I do it's usually not the word “Fun.” However, I actually am having fun as I write this. That has to count for something, right. I sorta get it, don't I?
Possible New High School Stereotypes
I can see what's possibly in store for The Class of 2014. Before they graduate, they might either get their hands on the Dropshades. They'll wear them to the club not even fully understanding how the music activates the pretty little colors others see while they dance. They will think they are so cool even though others might just look at them and laugh--and some not with them but at them.
Alternatively, the geeks might pick their nose in the corner with the rest of the computer nerds while laughing and snorting. The entire time they are reeling in rolls of video blackmail that they can later play in study hall in front of everyone. That's how unnoticeable the Google Glass may be by next year.
So Who Gets The Last Laugh?
The people wearing the DropShades might stand a greater chance of getting laughed at. After viewing young people wearing these glasses, I actually picture a bunch of young college freshman wearing them. (Chances are they may get them as a high school graduation present instead of Google Glass.)
However, some of the versions of Google Glass I've seen are quite dorky, too. Who gets the last laugh? Perhaps it's the one who takes them off first.
By Erin Walsh
Guest Author: Erin Walsh is a technology junky and the Director of Public Relations of Boost Software. She enjoys blogging about topics in technology and occasionally guest posts on popular blogs about some of the most recent tech gadgets, windows installer errors, and other slow computer issues.

0 Apple 1 Computer Sells For $387,750 — and That May Be a Steal

A rare Apple 1 laptop — among the primary ever fashioned by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak's one-time school startup — has oversubscribed at auction for nearly $400,000.
The piece of computing history, hand-built within the garage of Jobs' oldsters method back in 1976, went for $387,750 in associate degree online-only Christie's auction. The device was reportedly oversubscribed by a retired college man of science from Golden State, and purchased by associate degree Italian collectors' club.
And here's the kicker: The Italians might have truly gotten a reasonably negotiate. however so? Another Apple one oversubscribed at auction for a humongous $671,400 simply this could. That poor the previous Apple one sale record of $640,000. The device that oversubscribed on was projected to travel for up to $500,000.
There is, however, one vital caveat. This week's sale enclosed simply a motherboard and different elements (all of that Christie's says stay absolutely functional). May's record-setting unit, on the opposite hand, conjointly enclosed an imaginative monitor.
So what does one assume: Was $387,750 a relative whip for associate degree ultra-rare Apple one, or will the dearth of monitor build it a rip-off? provide USA your soak up the comments.

0 Getting the related aspects of website design

When you are launching your website on the World Wide Web, you are investing your time, money into it.  A lot is riding on the website’s success.  Therefore you need to make sure your efforts are channeled in the right direction. One key aspect of a successful website is its design. Web design is not just about the appearance but also the layout of the site and how the contents of the site are organized. Often you will find sites that are real flashy looking but have no substance in them.  Then there are sites that have good content but are really bland. So it is about striking the fine balance between style and substance. For that the best bet is utilizing website design by Creative Yogi.  
Benefits of Custom Web Design
To make your presence felt online, it is almost essential to have a custom design for your website.  A well executed custom design will not only help to bring in new visitors, but will also properly highlight the products or services that you are offering to the customers. Keep in mind that if you want a site with an effective professional look then the only realistic solution is custom website design by Creative Yogi.  
Here are some additional benefits:
¨       Because the site has custom made design, you can add plug-ins and modify designs even after the site has been launched. You can add an element of freshness in the site from time to time.
¨       When your site boasts of eye catching design and quality content, it will be easier for your product or service to grab the attention of the visitors.
¨       You will get custom web designs at a reasonable price.

Points to keep in mind while doing a custom design

1.       Have an easy navigation system- An easy navigation will make visitors happy. This is one of the biggest aspects of a successful site. It ensures a smooth experience for web browsers. A poor navigation can irritate them. 
2.       There should be a master link to the homepage that users can click anytime. It will be even better if that link is attached with the sites logo.
3.       Another important thing to add is a site map. It will help the visitor to figure out the layout of the site covering the menus and submenus.
4.       A smart, clean professional look will instantly make the site credible to the user. It can be achieved by using appropriate color scheme, tasteful backgrounds, right font size, graphic designing, content etc.
5.       You need to make sure that the pages of the site load without much delay. If it takes too much time the user will be unhappy. 

6.       You must add new content in your site from time to time.

There are many web designing companies these days. But you should not hire one randomly. You would not want a stock design for your site but that is exactly what most small web designing firms do. You need a custom design for your site that will amplify the strengths and hide the weaknesses. 

Author Bio: Raju K is has extensive experience in the field of multimedia and web designing. Here he discusses the importance of having a custom design for your site. 

0 Why key frames are regarded as a base structure?

There was a time when animation meant cartoons to most people. But that situation has changed completely nowadays. Animation is now an industry in its own right. It creates content for several other industries like the movie and television industry, ad, marketing, gaming etc. even during the period of recession the demand of animation works did not decrease to any notable extent.
Animation is such a field where you need to mix your creative visions with available technical options and create something meaningful.  Though animation is not entirely a new field, its major advancements have come in the last decade due to the development in computer software. For example you can take the motion graphics software After Effects that came out in 1993 and has continued to be updated and upgraded till now incorporating modern technology as it developed.
 One major reason behind the importance of software like this is that it helps an animator to tackle with the tough technical aspects of animation and filmmaking like handling keyframe animation.
Key frame is actually an important, integral part of animation and filmmaking. In the old days, basic 2d animations were done by creating separate frames by hand and putting them together. A common example can be the ball animation. If you want to see a ball bouncing over your screen, an animator would draw multiple frames – depicting the ball in different heights in respect to the ground- high, closer really close and finally hitting the ground. But since the arrival of modern motion graphics and animation tools there is no need to follow this time consuming method.  You have a simpler way, thanks to key frames. The meaning of keyframe is close to its name- it is a video frame that plays a key role in preparing the animation.
Let us elaborate on the previous example. To create the same ball bouncing animation with key frames,   an animator would have to place one keyframe of the ball being at the top and another keyframe of the  ball being at the bottom. Then you leave it up to the software. The software calculates the happening between the key frames with a process called tweening. The tweening method is used to animate scale, position, opacity, rotation, blur levels, covering almost anything with a numerical value. It is possible to even animate distortion of a recorded clip in order to create comic expressions.
There is another process called easing which is closely related with keyframe animation. With this process the computer can calculate the change speed between the two key frames. To make sure the users do not face any difficulty in using the key frame effect, the developers have added guidance menus to help them through the process. These are known as “assistant’.
When you are using high end software, make good use of the key frames concept to create attractive animation. Forget about doing animating frame-by-frame, it is now time for keyframe-by-keyframe. The rest will be taken care of automatically.

Author Bio-
Raju K.

Raju K has been working in the animation industry for years. Here he gives us a brief overview about key frame in animation.  

1 Is Call Spying Actually Illegal?

Cell phone monitoring and surveillance is becoming a common practice just about everywhere. Whether you are at home or at work, the chances of someone tapping into your phone to retrieve your personal and private data is now higher than it has ever been before.
With so much data and information, professional and personal both, being stored on our smartphones, it is really no surprise that instances of cell phone privacy violation are constantly hitting the news. However, in some cases spying on someone’s phone does not necessarily lead to any legal issues at all.
 Now if your wife or your parent one day decides to record your phone calls using spy call, the chances of that are that you probably won’t end up pressing charges. If by any chance the phone and license is in their name, then you have no grounds whatsoever as they are legitimate owners of the device.
Now if you are under any impression that perhaps you are being spied on illegally at work, let’s take a look at what is probably really happening. As an employee in the US, the chances are that you are being monitored at work through call spy, and yes that is completely supported by the law.  You can’t really expect to be a manager of a company and make it very far if you are not keeping a tight watch on your subordinates, and that includes the use of spy cameras and other surveillance modes.
These sorts of practices are all allowed to quite a large extent. The only catch is that workplace privacy laws do not allow employers to watch people when they are changing. As far as call spying goes, it’s all fine and dandy as long as employees are informed that they will be monitored. Also, employers can only use call spy legally on devices that are their property- -that is, the device you usually get as oart and parcel of upgrades and promotions.
 Most companies and employers go out of their way to install expensive call monitoring software and take great care to continue to do so. Sometimes this is in accordance with their customer care policies and do so that they can address client issues later- -or save themselves from litigation or other messes.  This also keeps sexual harassment at bay as colleagues now will refrain from unwarranted behavior towards each other if they know all their phone calls, whether on mobile or otherwise, are being listened in on.
So what can you do about? If you are being informed and monitored on a device that is owned by someone other than you, then not much in legal terms. However, you can be more adult about it and realize that call spy at the workplace is a part of company procedure and policy. Hence, you can take care not to indulge in any personal phone calls while at work. Of course we all have families and friends, and if we do contact them it is all acceptable as long as the calls don’t take up hours or as long as work is not sidelined in the process.

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