0 Morphology of the links

SEO is a complex and complicated. This is because it is not an exact science. You could say that there are many types of SEO as search engines. Its cornerstone is the links, and therefore is at this point that we need more emphasis. Before we start, we will post some concepts.

Links - setting concepts

  • Theory and Practice - The whole theory of SEO and links can be known in a few weeks. At that point is when we realize that we have no idea. 
    "The whole theory of SEO and links can be known in a few weeks. But the practice is another thing. Cunado try to apply that knowledge to real-SEO, you realize you do not know where to start.

    Why is it so complex? 
    Just think how many millions of dollars moving online and the income gap between appearing first or second in the rankings.

  • Nobody knows for sure what it does - just Google, or other search engines, SEO world to know the background. All others have developed their theories speculate based on the results. Test - error. 
    "Only Google knows what works and what does not in the SEO world. Other systems use "test - failure" to develop our theories. But clearly there are guidelines that work. Furthermore, changes in the algorithm, what works today may not work tomorrow. "

  • Si and / or not - Getting links ensures no position. Consegirlos not either. Therefore, if but depends links. 
    "Links without control is useless"

Simulation of natural links

To be effective the links are either natural - are achieved without doing anything - or those achieved simulate natural. To achieve this, the morphology of the links have to follow these guidelines:

  1. Links to related pages - especially for pages with more competition. Google gives more weight, not PR, a link from a page related to your topic from another that is not. If you have a page well positioned for a competitive word is not as important.

  2. Different anchor text - Natural links have different texts in the links. No matter what your link has no words in the anchor text if others have. Do not underestimate the kind way links, this page, link, etc..

  3. Links from different parts of the web - Especially before blogs, almost all websites were linked from the footer. Try to get links from all parts of a site, from head, sidebar, post, text, footer, etc.

  4. Unlike PageRank - This is a complicated issue. If all the links you get are a lot of pages with PageRank, Google will consider it suspicious. Some say the links from pages with a single +5 PR should be between 15-20% of total bonds.

  5. Gradual increase of the links - Logic tells us that receive more links a website as that is becoming popular. Therefore, if your website receives an average of 10 daily connections, not get 100 the same day. Also if your site is new.

  6. Good Neighbors - This point is usually not relevant for normal blogs. Only if you have web pages linked from casinos, adult, pharmacy, etc.. A good neighbor is the common themes linking regardless of weight.

  7. Links from different C-class IPs - not very important unless you have 100 websites on the same server and all links between all. Although totally different sites and different parts of the world are generally housed in the same servers that are different webs shown to be completely independent of each other.

  8. Pages new and old - Good mix links from old pages and newly created.

  9. Link Exchange - Link exchanges are good if they are not the majority.

  10. Links to entries - links to home are very important blog. But it is natural that most individual entries are to your website.

  11. Links directory - It is very important to appear in directories, but only in the major. The most important of all, and the best you can have is qeu link from the Yahoo directory . Yes, it is.

  12. Age of links - The age of the links is vital. A link to your website a year is more important than a recent link from another page with more weight. There is even speculation that is a factor in the Google Sandbox.

  13. Avoid placing links on websites with bad neighbors - Although Google does not penalize you for receiving suspicious links pages as you can not control who links you, if you have in mind if you bother to have a link from a page that links to other bad ( as suspects directories).

  14. Pages of the same language - Neither bad having links from websites in other languages, but Google determines the language of a website, as well as by factors in the IP, TLD domain name and the text of the web, get the links .
Usually, if you have a half web should not worry much about most of the above factors, but not bad to take them into account when building links.

0 Link Building Guide: Introduction and Concepts

The Link Building is pre-planned strategy to get links that allow us to position our pages in search engines. Therefore, it is not the more links to get better. The links are not in order, are the means to appear on top of search engines.
The link building is the mechanism to get links artificially but pretending that we have done naturally.


Once we have prepared our site, perfectly optimized from SEO point of view , you have to start with the hardest job in the world SEO: getting links. The link building is quite useful for any web site that intends to receive traffic from the search engines, but is especially necessary for sites that sell products and hardly receive links.
This is one reason (seo) the success of blogs: Blogs are a great tool to generate links. Keep alive internet links.

When getting links must be clear some points :

  1. What and how many links need - must be clear about what we want to position terms, what kind of links we need, how many links and how soon. For most blogs, the answer is simple: the more the better, provided they are natural.

  2. How to get links - Once we know what we want, we must raise strategies. We will study the types of techniques and mechanisms to get links.

  3. Time - What a good link pointing to our website, with the right words and where we want, does not automatically raise our content. It is a long process. Links are important because of its age by its PageRank. Google updates usually every three months. If the site is new, you have to keep accumulating good links for months to see results.
    Do not worry if you are getting links and do not see results. There comes a point where suddenly, your hard work pays off for months: Suddenly, almost overnight, Google starts sending you thousands of visitors. Imagine the joy. But for that we must work hard and well.

Link Building Techniques

We will study the most successful formulas to get links and build our links. The main ones are:

  1. Link Baiting - is the star of link building. It is the most effective, the most valued by the search engines absolutely legal and recommended. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to get. Only receive hundreds of links to an article if it brings something absolutely worthless.

  2. Directories - Do not underestimate the directories. Directories appear positive if directories are good. Especially those who do not undertake to return the link. There are also several types.

  3. Link Exchange - definitely a good way to get links, and probably first appeared. There are also many types of trade and services.

  4. Purchase links - More effective than the exchange, but also more expensive.

  5. Other techniques - sending links to bloggers, social networks, write reviews, and more.

Case Studies

A good way to start our own Link Building is to see and learn from real cases. We may also implement some ideas to see if they work and how they work. We welcome your ideas.


Any person who owns a website focused on increasing the amount of website traffic they generate on a daily basis since the traffic is directly related to turnover regardless of the type of site you have . For example, if you own a website that is driven by ad sales generated to achieve high sales and advertising contracts, You will need a large amount of traffic. On the other hand, if you own a website that sells goods or services, then you need a large amount of traffic to increase the amount of purchases that your site receives.
With this in mind, it may be time to consider investing in a directory service manual submission because the amount of life that links to this type of service can help you generate is unparalleled. This means that, taking the time to do article marketing on your own or outsourcing the task to a consultant, you can earn a large amount of traffic without too much investment. In fact, the best part is that, outside of your initial investment traffic to your site will continue to build and you will never have to pay a penny more.
Of course, this is a very profitable way to build traffic to your site and meet other SEO tactics. This is due to the fact that for SEO tools most traditional work that you constantly update all the efforts and maintain your site accordingly. Obviously, continuously updated Web site is an expensive undertaking that can possibly cause you to burn or if you hire a consultant may possibly empty your last operating budget that you are willing to spend.
However, you will not need to worry about any of these issues, if you decide to use a service manual directory submission, because after the items are prepared and submitted to the service, they will automatically post websites with a lot of traffic, so that your site gets the exposure it needs. In most of the cases included in the price is the ability to write articles for you so the only thing you have to worry about recurring expenses, then you can relax and sit waiting for the new traffic more head.
The best part is that if you choose an excellent service manual directory submission techniques they use will not be associated in directories spam or link anyway which means that every bit of traffic you receive will all legitimate and associated with your content. With this in mind, you can start looking into the services today because the longer you wait the more days pass when you could enjoy the benefits of excellent high traffic.

0 New Trends in Digital Marketing: The Content Marketing

According to the study " state of content marketing in 2013 , "more than most marketers will focus on the creation of content marketing in 2013. marketing content increased from 18.9% in 2012 to 34.8% in 2013 as a communication channel used most. The content marketing has become an essential way for brands in their global strategies.

The content marketing strategy is an integral part in the brand strategy

This is a true key think about the success of digital selling. consistent with the definition of internet selling, "the content selling suggests that practices that aim to form out there to prospective customers or variety of helpful or diverting content." It mustn't be confused with the selling whole, it doesn't use editorial content however directed and created a narrative turning into a media content. there's quite one message however associate expertise.
The goal of content selling is to form a relationship and affinity with the client over the long run. It conjointly needs social networks: the content should be distributed, relayed, and shared across social media that ar a part of our daily life.
We can currently integrate the selling combine, that the impact is powerful. It will increase the visibility and whole awareness, whereas making associate interaction with input generated by the content, share on social networks , or the "tweets". additional content is engaging, the result are additional vital and measurable (ROI).
There is an inclination, particularly that firms source less, however produce a true department for content selling recruiting qualified journalists or editors, having the ability to produce prime quality content selling. Thus, firms themselves offer their content, guaranteeing the connexion and creativeness of those.

Customers want quality and culture

The content promoting helps attract and retain customers by non-commercial act (advertising). Brands have become a lot of and institutional purchasers progressively hard. they are doing not wish to be treated as objects. Brands should develop alternative means that of communication whose purpose isn't profit, however culture.
This strategy permits to show the advertising, that has because the solely interest the sale while not considering the client as a personal. He created a trust between the whole and also the client, though the ROI isn't immediate, sensible content creates one supported long commitment. This additionally helps to differentiate it from alternative brands by the originality of the content. The content promoting may be a strategy in itself: the noted expression "Content is king" currently shows the importance of group action this discipline promoting combine.
The content promoting is that the art of act with customers and prospects while not merchandising. It caters to somebody's, with a message additional cultural price, structured and customized. the target is to make a true engagement between the client and also the whole and also the loyalty with engaging content, quality and informative.
So many brands produce content either through the diary or by articles revealed in numerous media or by applications. Example, the platform Virgin Mobile Live delivers content daily. Of course, the content should be a minimum per the business of the whole. Virgin proposes new suppressed musical tubes, or better of all days. This created a true community round the content, which can then be shared on social networks.
Moreover, the content promoting can realize its place on the new channel fashion: mobile.

The border is increasingly close relationship between the SEO and marketing happy

content-marketing-marketing-contenu-seoThe content marketing offers true quality content and provides good SEO. The border is increasingly close between SEO and content marketing. SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" SEO means. The goal is to get a good ranking in search engines. The two are correlated and are synergistic. The quality of content is assessed if there is a high visibility, so a ranking by optimizing text and just to be well referenced by the Google search engine, you need to create authentic content and quality. Relevant content is the base: "Without good content, no conversation."
The quality of content marketing is beneficial for Google. The search engine Google wants to provide the most relevant information to users, and so be a reference in the search for information.
To quote David Meerman Scott, a famous American specializes in online marketing: "To make quality content marketing, think like a publisher, not a marketer. "
In this information overload, the volume of data on the Internet is growing exponentially. Thus, the real challenge for the content marketing is to differentiate themselves from the mass of information through a qualitative and relevant content. The human is not the only target, the contents must also meet the robot named Google to be well referenced. The latter is more critical and sanctions contained artificial and without background. The moral is clear, to the excessive quality!
Feel free to comment if you have any comments on the article. I will read with pleasure!

0 14 Ways to Get More Shares on Facebook

If you want to succeed on Facebook, have a Facebook page is not enough. You must animate, create commitment and encourage interaction on your content.
In the infographic below, ShortStack has 14 ways to get more shares on Facebook. It is simple but effective tips that will help you quickly generate results.
More you bring your community to share your content, the better your visibility on Facebook. In addition, you and attract new members to your Facebook Page.

0 THAT IS WHAT THE SEO (Optimization For Search Engines)?

Hello, dear readers,
I hope you are well!
Did you know that every day, more than two billion queries are performed on Google ?
But how this relates Does your website?
The answer consists of two words: possibilities and opportunities.
To take advantage of opportunities that offer search engines, it is important for your website to achieve high rankings in search results. To successfully achieve this, you can use (strategically) social media advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Unfortunately, if you do not know how to implement these strategies, you can leave everything to your competitor.

Optimization for search engines

You have created a website (online store, blog, etc..) That n 'not attract enough visitors to generate the expected profits? You can certainly start by stimulating robots indexing of Google ( Googlebot ) optimizing (SEO) your website.
I am often asked the question: "I 'd like to have more customers, should I invest all my time and money in optimizing my website for search engines? '
When someone asks me this question, I always give the same answer. To succeed on the internet, it is important to create a relevant and useful content for your users. First, try to provide the information, service or product quality. Priority is the users of your website, because it is they who determine the pulse of your business. Then, if you want to boost the number of visitors to your website, optimizing your website is vital.

That is what is SEO?

It describes SEO as optimizing your website for search engines. That is to say that you adjust certain elements (HTML, text, etc..) Of your website to promote understanding of the content of your web pages by search engines.

SEO techniques have been developed to circumvent these search engines?

No. SEO is an effective strategy to optimize the content and structure of your website.
Most search engines work the same way. First, they must know that your website exists. If your site does not appear among the search results of Google, you can add it to the following address: Google Add-URL . Otherwise, the robots indexing Google can find you if a link is created from a website already indexed by Google.
The goal of search engines is to provide relevant search results for users. To successfully accomplish this task, the process of exploration of the search engine scans all websites and treats keywords in the title and text of your web pages.

Why optimize website?

It has been proven that the majority of users click only on the first page of results returned by search engines. So if your website is found on the first page for a specific keyword, you are guaranteed to receive more clicks than your competitor who is on the second page for the same term.
That says more cliques said more visitors which says more visitors says more clients more customers who said said more money.
You can optimize your website for several types of queries. The query is more popular, the more you will have difficulty to compete with the competition.
That is, that a request? A query is simply the keywords subject to a computerized search tool (eg Google).
Note: I'm referring to Google as that is the search engine most used.
That is, that a popular request? Popular query is a query that is executed frequently and where there are lots of websites that compete with each other for a spot on the first page.
Here is an example query popular backache
14,000,000 results (Google)
That is, that a small request? Well, that is just an application where there are few results and few websites competing with each other.
Here is an example query low, back pain Spondylolisthesis
4.650 results (Google)

How to optimize website for search engines
There are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to optimize their website for search engines.Many Web experts claim to be professionals in the field (SEO) and make promises that they can not keep. The truth is that the leaders behind the search engines do not reveal their algorithms. Ranking algorithms of search engines are better protected secrets of these companies. And, that it seems they are constantly changing.
However, we know that there are no 10.000 ways to extract information from a website. A website is composed of codes (HTML, Javascript, CSS etc..) And content. Anything that can organize and facilitate access to data on your website is an advantage because it makes it easier for robots indexing search engines.
First, to optimize your website, you must create a list of keywords that represent your company well and the type of information found on your website. To help you build a list of relevant keywords, imagine that you are the perfect visitor for your website and find the keywords that he would use to find your site using search engines.
Now that you have control of your keyword list, you're ready to optimize your website.

Optimizing your website
Note: To better understand the following information, visit your website and click the right button of your mouse. Select the option to view the source code (View Source or other). S A new window should open and you will have access to the source code (HTML only) and the content of the web page where you are. What you see before you is the information that robots indexing using. To add your keywords to your HTML code, you must have access to the source code of your web pages.
Here is the code that you might see in any web page.
  • <title>Title of your blog  </ title>
  • <Meta name = "description" content = "description of your blog" />
  • <Meta name = "keywords" content = "Keywords which you are targeted " />
  • <h1>  h1 tittle </ h1>
  • <h2> Copywriting and storytelling <h2>  </ h2>
  • <A href = "home page url /" > Tittle </ a>

SEO rules

Note: No one can be sure of the correct SEO rules below, but I strongly suggest you experiment and scrutinize your results using Google Analytics .

SEO Rule Number one. The <tittle>

The text between the HTML tags <title> is very important for the optimization of your website.For search engines, the first words between <title> are more important than the last words.Between <title>, limit yourself to 120 characters. <title> A little too long to be interpreted asWeb spam and low reduced the relevance of all the words in the <title>. Too short a title may not contain enough information for users.
Note: The text that is found between the <title> appears in the top bar of the Web browser of your visitor.

SEO Rule Number 2: Domain Name and File Name

The keywords in your domain name to help improve your rankings in the search engines. For example, marketeur.biz is usually the first page for the term "marketer" ( Scroogle Scraper ).To improve your ranking, you can also use your keywords in the names of your files and your directories.

SEO Rule Number 3: Destiny Index Keywords

From an SEO perspective, the frequency with which you use your keywords in your web pages is very important for your rankings. It is said that a keyword-density between 1 and 2% is ideal for improving your ranking. That is, what does that mean? A density of 2% means that the same keyword appears 2 times per 100 words in total. So, for every 100 words, you can optimize your web page by adding the same keyword up to 1.9 times. A density greater than 1.9% may be considered spam Web.
Analyze the density of keywords your web pages with the following tools:
SEO Rule Number 4 <meta name="tags" description><meta name=and "keywords">

The <meta name= "description"> is used by several search engines to display your website in the search results. Some experts believe that this tag n 'adds nothing to the ranking of your website, but I suggest you still him add some keywords. I think this tag is an excellent opportunity for you to briefly describe your business. After all, a good description of your business could result in an increase in the rate of clicks to your site. Well try to introduce yourself.
The <meta name= "keywords"> is one that allows you to add your keywords separated by commas. This tag n 'not improve your ranking, but it's a good place to add keywords that are not found in your text. SEO experts say that c is also a good place to add synonyms (words or with errors) of your keywords. Example: marketing, marketing, marqueting, marketting.

SEO Rule Number 5. The <h1>

The majority of experts' s agree that the text is found between the <h1> is important for the ranking of your website. The <h1> is a tag that represents the header of your page. Example: The title of your article. When your headline catches the reader's attention and that it contains some of your best keywords, c 'is that you have a winning title that will certainly improve your SEO rankings.

Here are some other tags that you should not neglect your SEO: <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6>.

SEO Rule Number 6. The alt attribute of the <img>

The "alt" attribute of the <img> can associate alternate text for an image. When text is added to this attribute, the same text is displayed in a tooltip when the mouse pointer is placed over the image. Some experts' s agree that the text may have a positive effect on the SEO of your website

SEO Rule Number 7. The anchor of link

The anchor of your links (internal and external) is very important for the optimization of your website. The anchor of a link is the text that is found between the <a> tags. It is the same text that is visible and that you can click on a Web page. To optimize your web page, I suggest you include in your text, links to all 100-150 words. Make sure to add your keywords to the anchor links.
SEO Rule Number 8 Quality,quantity and diversity of links

Popularity, relevance and quality of external links that you offer are very important. Not suggesting unnecessary links to your visitors. Also, avoid links to web sites not well known or that are not indexed by search engines. The amount of links you provide is also important for your SEO. In addition, the diversity of your links is also very important. Avoid adding links that are all the same domain name .

SEO Rule Number 9 Quality content

Quality content on your website is a very important rule for your SEO: Be sure to create a unique and relevant content for your visitors. After all, if you want that they return, you must put the time and effort to write interesting content (informative, advertising copy, etc.) and organize this information seamlessly. Avoid: hidden text and links, pages steering misleading, irrelevant keywords, duplicate content, etc..
SEO Rule Number 10 Backlink and Trackbacks

Rule 10 is the largest of all the rules. In fact, by itself, this rule can give you results far superior to all other rules.

Rule number 10 is that the more you get links to your site from external sites, the better your ranking in search engines. A backlink (or incoming links, of English backlink) is a simple link to your website from another Web page. The trackback (trackback), meanwhile, is an automated links (references) inter-blogs. This system, which is built into WordPress for example, automatically finds links to your blog that are created from external blogs WordPress.

Attention here is not the quantity but the quality that counts. A link to your site from a site with a Google PageRank (PR) is higher than ten links from sites of poor quality.


You want to cheat and get on the first page for some keywords? It is easy! You don 't have that you create an advertising campaign using Google Adwords and your site will be found automatically on the first page for the keywords you have chosen. However, with Google Adwords, you pay. That is why I strongly suggest you to optimize your website with the techniques described in this post. With SEO, you will win in the long term.

0 What is marketing?

What is marketing? Sell ​​its products? Sell ​​yourself? Promote a new idea? Establish a relationship with the customer?

Definition Antidote

The word marketing is defined as follows:
All the techniques and methods based on knowledge of consumer needs and market structures and used to develop the sales of a product or service.
Following the definition, we find also the following recommendation:
The term officially recommended in France and Quebec is marketing, but the most commonmarketing equivalent is officially recognized as a synonym.
Antidote dictionary of synonyms, all words have a similar meaning to the word marketing:
  • marketing;
  • packaging;
  • distribution;
  • market research;
  • merchandising;
  • marketing mix;
  • marketing;
  • market.
Finally, according Antidote marketing is to know the needs of the consumer, then deliver a product or service to its measurement.

AMA definition

The AMA (American Marketing Association) defines the marketing a bit the same way:
Marketing is an Organizational function and a set of processes for Creating, communicating, and Delivering Value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways That benefit the organization and Its stakeholders.
According to the AMA, the marketing is to provide value to the customer and create a relationship between the customer and the organization.

Marketing, large area

Marketing is a field that encompasses several subdivisions. The marketer can copywriter, salesman, responsible for market research, etc..
Marketing can be divided into several different sections that are equally important to each other:
  • Analysis and understanding, the study of consumer behavior;
  • Market research;
  • Definitions of products and services;
  • Communication;
  • Advertising and promotion;
  • Organization of the sale;

Question of morality

Who is responsible? Is it the client? Is it the government? The designer of the product?
The marketer's goal is to induce a person to make a decision. It can cause a person to make a good or a bad decision. The marketer has the power to influence and with power comes responsibility.
A few years ago, Seth Godin wrote an excellent article ( Marketing moral ) on the ethics of marketing. Who is responsible? This is the marketer. Since the marketer has a strong influence, it must be held 100% responsible for the products and services it promotes.
In his article, Mr. Godin gives the example of smoking. If the marketer has created an excellent advertising to encourage people to smoke, he must also find that it has contributed to the deterioration of the health of smokers.
It is a great responsibility is it?

Finally, what is marketing?

Marketing is first and foremost a set of methods to try to interest a potential customer an idea, a product or service.
Is that marketing is limited to the promotion of products and services? I do not think so.Marketing aims to better understand the consumer to identify their needs and ultimately to encourage them to act. However, I believe that all marketing techniques can be used in everyday life to propose a new idea, understand, convince and influence. Even a child uses marketing techniques to convince his mother to buy a toy.
It reminds me of the story of a father and his son
Boy: "Dad, can I borrow your BMW to go to my friend? '
Dad: "No, I will not lend my BMW, but you can use if you want a minivan. '
Boy: "Excellent! Thank you daddy! '
The boy rushes to fill the trunk with all its set of percussion instruments (drums) in his father's minivan.
After a moment, the father realizes that his son did not really intend to take the BMW, he just needed the minivan to transport his percussion equipment. To make sure you have the minivan, the boy asked what he wanted more than to give greater flexibility in the negotiation.Ask for More Than You Expect to Get a good old technique of negotiation .
Whether you're a blogger, a new entrepreneur who wants to know his market or a seller who wants to entice customers to buy, all you marketing needs in your life to understand, to sell and make you stand out.
What is marketing? Marketing is understanding, creating and encouraging.

Got marketing?

0 How social networks influence the purchase intentions?

A study printed by JD Power confirms the vital role of interactions on social networks between a complete and its audience in each the positive perception of the complete within the purchase of public intentions.
Conducted in late 2012 to over 20,000 on-line customers, this study reports on the connection between the interaction between a complete and its customers on social networks, on 2 main aspects: communication (marketing) and client service.
Jacqueline Anderson, UN agency semiconductor diode the study notes that for the primary time this study provides corporations with the framework they have to group action social networks strategy. It additionally illustrates the connection between a positive expertise on the social networks and also the ulterior purchase intentions.
Marketing or client service? It all depends on the age!

The study distinguishes 2 uses of social networks: a communication or selling functions (reputation and image affinity, promotional operations) and use client (service, answers to questions) Service It additionally notes that in terms of promoting customers expect. brands apart from the mere institution of specials and special offers.
One of the conclusions of this study is that the method that buyers have interaction with a complete depends on their age!
38% over thirty years move with a complete in a very selling context, whereas younger customers move less with brands (23%) and quite an consumer context (43% of 18-29 years service.
However, regardless of the people and kind of interactions, these interactions with the complete have an immediate impact on each the perception on purchase intentions. thus we are able to say that specializing in one among these aspects to chop back a major portion of net users, thereby influencing in a very negative method the complete image and future purchase intentions.
Communication on social networks should take under consideration these 2 dimensions! corporations have to be compelled to perceive however their customers use social media and develop a method centered on these uses.
"If your customers wish answers to their queries, and you just provide them discounts and special offers while not taking under consideration their demands, you may find yourself with sad customers!"Summarizes Jacqueline Anderson.
The study noted a correlation between the perception of an organization communication on social networks and also the overall impression given by the corporate and also the future purchase intentions. Thus, eighty seven of terribly happy customers of brand name interaction indicated that it had completely influenced their future purchases.

0 8 things you do not share it on Facebook!

So whether it is your personal profile page or your business, here are 8 things to never share or on Facebook or on any social network!

A never share on a personal profile


Unless your profile is totally secure and solely accessible to your cat and yourself, your home address shouldn't seem on your academician it.
While this review looks extremely obvious, watch out for systems and geo-location arrival nuisance! despite the fact that it sounds like fun to rename your house "casa" or "tavern" and to create arrival, if your profile is public, it'll be easier for somebody malicious to seek out you reside.
An article tells Mashable and Facebook has become a searching ground wherever criminals ask for their prey. uncalled-for to accommodate them!
Your vacation dates
Connected to the previous recommendation, don't mention that you just opt for a dream weekend, or on the opposite facet of the world! Satisfaction to your friends flip inexperienced with envy isn't even to present the maximum amount helpful info to potential burglars.
You will be happy to post your vacation photos on getting into a house intact, and that is fine too!
Information regarding your kid
Our children ar the marvel of wonders, it's nonheritable. And our friends ar actually a trifle distant excited to visualize what they become and the way they grew up.
But the time is sadly not therefore straightforward, and it's not worthy to present food to people with less pure intentions. while not aiming to an infatuated anxious, it looks cheap to not mention the names of your youngsters outside the circle of your friends. And ne'er mention what college they attend.
And please, don't post footage of your children within the tub, or buttocks within the air - the icon is therefore cute.

hoaxRepublish information without verifying

You always flourished variety of posts on the Facebook changes and you conjuring to create changes to your privacy settings and - most significantly - to still unfold the great news broadcasting (aka spamming) on the wall of all of your friends!
For example one in all the foremost recent: "In response to the new pointers and Facebook underneath Articles L.111, 112 and 113 of the belongings Code, I declare that my copyrights ar hooked up to any or all of my personal knowledge , drawings, paintings, photos and videos etc ... denote on my profile however additionally on the skilled page that's hooked up. For industrial use of the higher than
my written consent is needed the least bit times, etc., etc. ... "
This message isn't solely reserve however additionally wrong, it's a hoax that has no foundation, no legal worth. Its solely result is to create you (some) ridiculous!
In general, assume before you share the standing of this sort, and check the data through such websites hoaxbuster or Secuser . merely copy and paste and do a groundwork on Google to see the truthfulness of a message terribly quickly.
You complain regarding your boss / job
Your job is also thankless or your boss a jerk well-tried. Facebook is such a giant a part of our lives that we've got taken the habit of sharing our emotional. however don't forget that your boss - and your colleagues - ar positively on Facebook also: i, perhaps {they ar|they're} a part of your several friends! though your criticisms are supported them, keep to the slender circle of your (real) friends and failed to post it on Facebook!
Thus, Libération reports that prudhommes valid the dismissal of 3 workers UN agency criticized their superiors on Facebook.
A ne'er publish an organization page
Religious or political opinion
You can be ferociously neo-liberal, communist, Christian or Buddhist ...
It is your absolute right, however unless you are the Pope or Hollande, it solely applies in any case yourbusiness page / fan!
Take advantage of a non secular sect or political can at the best be appreciated by a number of your audience, and you actually alienate another party.

aime ma pageAsk you love your page

Most people UN agency see your page ar already fans. What interest to raise them to become a fan? And if they are doing not already, if the content of your page isn't fascinating enough to create them wish to become, it's not asking them that they will!
The vital nowadays for a complete page is that the least variety of fans it seems that the commitment she has created along with his fans. And commitment through the publication of statutes making interest which wish to share and not by applications like "love me! '
This is in my opinion a foul plan to raise your fans to share your page with their friends. Not solely do they most likely won't, however additionally what kind of post can lower your visibility on Facebook ( EdgeRank)because of the dearth of commitment which will bring.
Non-professional photos of your team
Your company is friendly, and it feels smart. Ok ! however this image of your colleague sipping a low you actually place on your page?
As an image of your team out celebrating a brand new contract or a retirement is sensible, because the snapshots of life at the workplace are a trifle of interest - unless your colleague feels like martyr Clooney.
In addition, pictures that ar too casual will provides a unhealthy image of your company: "they don't have the time to answer my question of service, however they need time to require footage throughout the low break! 

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