0 Link Building Guide: Introduction and Concepts

The Link Building is pre-planned strategy to get links that allow us to position our pages in search engines. Therefore, it is not the more links to get better. The links are not in order, are the means to appear on top of search engines.
The link building is the mechanism to get links artificially but pretending that we have done naturally.


Once we have prepared our site, perfectly optimized from SEO point of view , you have to start with the hardest job in the world SEO: getting links. The link building is quite useful for any web site that intends to receive traffic from the search engines, but is especially necessary for sites that sell products and hardly receive links.
This is one reason (seo) the success of blogs: Blogs are a great tool to generate links. Keep alive internet links.

When getting links must be clear some points :

  1. What and how many links need - must be clear about what we want to position terms, what kind of links we need, how many links and how soon. For most blogs, the answer is simple: the more the better, provided they are natural.

  2. How to get links - Once we know what we want, we must raise strategies. We will study the types of techniques and mechanisms to get links.

  3. Time - What a good link pointing to our website, with the right words and where we want, does not automatically raise our content. It is a long process. Links are important because of its age by its PageRank. Google updates usually every three months. If the site is new, you have to keep accumulating good links for months to see results.
    Do not worry if you are getting links and do not see results. There comes a point where suddenly, your hard work pays off for months: Suddenly, almost overnight, Google starts sending you thousands of visitors. Imagine the joy. But for that we must work hard and well.

Link Building Techniques

We will study the most successful formulas to get links and build our links. The main ones are:

  1. Link Baiting - is the star of link building. It is the most effective, the most valued by the search engines absolutely legal and recommended. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to get. Only receive hundreds of links to an article if it brings something absolutely worthless.

  2. Directories - Do not underestimate the directories. Directories appear positive if directories are good. Especially those who do not undertake to return the link. There are also several types.

  3. Link Exchange - definitely a good way to get links, and probably first appeared. There are also many types of trade and services.

  4. Purchase links - More effective than the exchange, but also more expensive.

  5. Other techniques - sending links to bloggers, social networks, write reviews, and more.

Case Studies

A good way to start our own Link Building is to see and learn from real cases. We may also implement some ideas to see if they work and how they work. We welcome your ideas.


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