0 New Trends in Digital Marketing: The Content Marketing

According to the study " state of content marketing in 2013 , "more than most marketers will focus on the creation of content marketing in 2013. marketing content increased from 18.9% in 2012 to 34.8% in 2013 as a communication channel used most. The content marketing has become an essential way for brands in their global strategies.

The content marketing strategy is an integral part in the brand strategy

This is a true key think about the success of digital selling. consistent with the definition of internet selling, "the content selling suggests that practices that aim to form out there to prospective customers or variety of helpful or diverting content." It mustn't be confused with the selling whole, it doesn't use editorial content however directed and created a narrative turning into a media content. there's quite one message however associate expertise.
The goal of content selling is to form a relationship and affinity with the client over the long run. It conjointly needs social networks: the content should be distributed, relayed, and shared across social media that ar a part of our daily life.
We can currently integrate the selling combine, that the impact is powerful. It will increase the visibility and whole awareness, whereas making associate interaction with input generated by the content, share on social networks , or the "tweets". additional content is engaging, the result are additional vital and measurable (ROI).
There is an inclination, particularly that firms source less, however produce a true department for content selling recruiting qualified journalists or editors, having the ability to produce prime quality content selling. Thus, firms themselves offer their content, guaranteeing the connexion and creativeness of those.

Customers want quality and culture

The content promoting helps attract and retain customers by non-commercial act (advertising). Brands have become a lot of and institutional purchasers progressively hard. they are doing not wish to be treated as objects. Brands should develop alternative means that of communication whose purpose isn't profit, however culture.
This strategy permits to show the advertising, that has because the solely interest the sale while not considering the client as a personal. He created a trust between the whole and also the client, though the ROI isn't immediate, sensible content creates one supported long commitment. This additionally helps to differentiate it from alternative brands by the originality of the content. The content promoting may be a strategy in itself: the noted expression "Content is king" currently shows the importance of group action this discipline promoting combine.
The content promoting is that the art of act with customers and prospects while not merchandising. It caters to somebody's, with a message additional cultural price, structured and customized. the target is to make a true engagement between the client and also the whole and also the loyalty with engaging content, quality and informative.
So many brands produce content either through the diary or by articles revealed in numerous media or by applications. Example, the platform Virgin Mobile Live delivers content daily. Of course, the content should be a minimum per the business of the whole. Virgin proposes new suppressed musical tubes, or better of all days. This created a true community round the content, which can then be shared on social networks.
Moreover, the content promoting can realize its place on the new channel fashion: mobile.

The border is increasingly close relationship between the SEO and marketing happy

content-marketing-marketing-contenu-seoThe content marketing offers true quality content and provides good SEO. The border is increasingly close between SEO and content marketing. SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" SEO means. The goal is to get a good ranking in search engines. The two are correlated and are synergistic. The quality of content is assessed if there is a high visibility, so a ranking by optimizing text and just to be well referenced by the Google search engine, you need to create authentic content and quality. Relevant content is the base: "Without good content, no conversation."
The quality of content marketing is beneficial for Google. The search engine Google wants to provide the most relevant information to users, and so be a reference in the search for information.
To quote David Meerman Scott, a famous American specializes in online marketing: "To make quality content marketing, think like a publisher, not a marketer. "
In this information overload, the volume of data on the Internet is growing exponentially. Thus, the real challenge for the content marketing is to differentiate themselves from the mass of information through a qualitative and relevant content. The human is not the only target, the contents must also meet the robot named Google to be well referenced. The latter is more critical and sanctions contained artificial and without background. The moral is clear, to the excessive quality!
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