0 What is marketing?

What is marketing? Sell ​​its products? Sell ​​yourself? Promote a new idea? Establish a relationship with the customer?

Definition Antidote

The word marketing is defined as follows:
All the techniques and methods based on knowledge of consumer needs and market structures and used to develop the sales of a product or service.
Following the definition, we find also the following recommendation:
The term officially recommended in France and Quebec is marketing, but the most commonmarketing equivalent is officially recognized as a synonym.
Antidote dictionary of synonyms, all words have a similar meaning to the word marketing:
  • marketing;
  • packaging;
  • distribution;
  • market research;
  • merchandising;
  • marketing mix;
  • marketing;
  • market.
Finally, according Antidote marketing is to know the needs of the consumer, then deliver a product or service to its measurement.

AMA definition

The AMA (American Marketing Association) defines the marketing a bit the same way:
Marketing is an Organizational function and a set of processes for Creating, communicating, and Delivering Value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways That benefit the organization and Its stakeholders.
According to the AMA, the marketing is to provide value to the customer and create a relationship between the customer and the organization.

Marketing, large area

Marketing is a field that encompasses several subdivisions. The marketer can copywriter, salesman, responsible for market research, etc..
Marketing can be divided into several different sections that are equally important to each other:
  • Analysis and understanding, the study of consumer behavior;
  • Market research;
  • Definitions of products and services;
  • Communication;
  • Advertising and promotion;
  • Organization of the sale;

Question of morality

Who is responsible? Is it the client? Is it the government? The designer of the product?
The marketer's goal is to induce a person to make a decision. It can cause a person to make a good or a bad decision. The marketer has the power to influence and with power comes responsibility.
A few years ago, Seth Godin wrote an excellent article ( Marketing moral ) on the ethics of marketing. Who is responsible? This is the marketer. Since the marketer has a strong influence, it must be held 100% responsible for the products and services it promotes.
In his article, Mr. Godin gives the example of smoking. If the marketer has created an excellent advertising to encourage people to smoke, he must also find that it has contributed to the deterioration of the health of smokers.
It is a great responsibility is it?

Finally, what is marketing?

Marketing is first and foremost a set of methods to try to interest a potential customer an idea, a product or service.
Is that marketing is limited to the promotion of products and services? I do not think so.Marketing aims to better understand the consumer to identify their needs and ultimately to encourage them to act. However, I believe that all marketing techniques can be used in everyday life to propose a new idea, understand, convince and influence. Even a child uses marketing techniques to convince his mother to buy a toy.
It reminds me of the story of a father and his son
Boy: "Dad, can I borrow your BMW to go to my friend? '
Dad: "No, I will not lend my BMW, but you can use if you want a minivan. '
Boy: "Excellent! Thank you daddy! '
The boy rushes to fill the trunk with all its set of percussion instruments (drums) in his father's minivan.
After a moment, the father realizes that his son did not really intend to take the BMW, he just needed the minivan to transport his percussion equipment. To make sure you have the minivan, the boy asked what he wanted more than to give greater flexibility in the negotiation.Ask for More Than You Expect to Get a good old technique of negotiation .
Whether you're a blogger, a new entrepreneur who wants to know his market or a seller who wants to entice customers to buy, all you marketing needs in your life to understand, to sell and make you stand out.
What is marketing? Marketing is understanding, creating and encouraging.

Got marketing?


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