1 Is Call Spying Actually Illegal?

Cell phone monitoring and surveillance is becoming a common practice just about everywhere. Whether you are at home or at work, the chances of someone tapping into your phone to retrieve your personal and private data is now higher than it has ever been before.
With so much data and information, professional and personal both, being stored on our smartphones, it is really no surprise that instances of cell phone privacy violation are constantly hitting the news. However, in some cases spying on someone’s phone does not necessarily lead to any legal issues at all.
 Now if your wife or your parent one day decides to record your phone calls using spy call, the chances of that are that you probably won’t end up pressing charges. If by any chance the phone and license is in their name, then you have no grounds whatsoever as they are legitimate owners of the device.
Now if you are under any impression that perhaps you are being spied on illegally at work, let’s take a look at what is probably really happening. As an employee in the US, the chances are that you are being monitored at work through call spy, and yes that is completely supported by the law.  You can’t really expect to be a manager of a company and make it very far if you are not keeping a tight watch on your subordinates, and that includes the use of spy cameras and other surveillance modes.
These sorts of practices are all allowed to quite a large extent. The only catch is that workplace privacy laws do not allow employers to watch people when they are changing. As far as call spying goes, it’s all fine and dandy as long as employees are informed that they will be monitored. Also, employers can only use call spy legally on devices that are their property- -that is, the device you usually get as oart and parcel of upgrades and promotions.
 Most companies and employers go out of their way to install expensive call monitoring software and take great care to continue to do so. Sometimes this is in accordance with their customer care policies and do so that they can address client issues later- -or save themselves from litigation or other messes.  This also keeps sexual harassment at bay as colleagues now will refrain from unwarranted behavior towards each other if they know all their phone calls, whether on mobile or otherwise, are being listened in on.
So what can you do about? If you are being informed and monitored on a device that is owned by someone other than you, then not much in legal terms. However, you can be more adult about it and realize that call spy at the workplace is a part of company procedure and policy. Hence, you can take care not to indulge in any personal phone calls while at work. Of course we all have families and friends, and if we do contact them it is all acceptable as long as the calls don’t take up hours or as long as work is not sidelined in the process.


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