0 When Speaking Of Technology 'Fun' Is An F-Word Often Forgotten

I now know the real purpose of the DropShades LED party sunglasses after trying to dig for a deeper reason for their creation. There really is none beyond the new revelation I now have.
Supposedly, manufacturers want people to use them strictly for fun and partying-nothing else. Not even the Playstation or the Xbox is entirely just for fun, but these new DropShades are presumably only for that.
All I can think now is aw shucks. I thought I was onto something. Now I can't write about the Dumbing Down of America in reference to wearing DropShades as if I'm some huge conspiracy whistle blower. I won't be able to reveal some truth no one wants to hear. I cannot tell everyone these dark shades are a “less intelligent” version of Google Glass.
After I Read This Article
About twenty minutes into my Google search, I now confirm that the purpose of DropShades is really not that deep. “There seems to be no other motive behind these awesome DropShades party glasses other than to add a little bit of flair to that usually boring clubbing experience of yours,” says Bitrebels.
Seriously, unless I plan to go to a (hopefully drug-free) rave, these sound-activated lighted glasses have no real purpose. They won't even bring me into a new reality—just make my current one a little more livable for maybe a few more minutes.
I'm glad for this brand new epiphany.  Now I realize all my computing toys and gadgets are only partially fun, but they also serve some value to me in my line of work. I almost never buy a device merely just for “F...F...F...” I can't even say it. I can't even say "fun" out loud.
I might not be able to say the “F” word very often in relation to the devices I buy, and when I do it's usually not the word “Fun.” However, I actually am having fun as I write this. That has to count for something, right. I sorta get it, don't I?
Possible New High School Stereotypes
I can see what's possibly in store for The Class of 2014. Before they graduate, they might either get their hands on the Dropshades. They'll wear them to the club not even fully understanding how the music activates the pretty little colors others see while they dance. They will think they are so cool even though others might just look at them and laugh--and some not with them but at them.
Alternatively, the geeks might pick their nose in the corner with the rest of the computer nerds while laughing and snorting. The entire time they are reeling in rolls of video blackmail that they can later play in study hall in front of everyone. That's how unnoticeable the Google Glass may be by next year.
So Who Gets The Last Laugh?
The people wearing the DropShades might stand a greater chance of getting laughed at. After viewing young people wearing these glasses, I actually picture a bunch of young college freshman wearing them. (Chances are they may get them as a high school graduation present instead of Google Glass.)
However, some of the versions of Google Glass I've seen are quite dorky, too. Who gets the last laugh? Perhaps it's the one who takes them off first.
By Erin Walsh
Guest Author: Erin Walsh is a technology junky and the Director of Public Relations of Boost Software. She enjoys blogging about topics in technology and occasionally guest posts on popular blogs about some of the most recent tech gadgets, windows installer errors, and other slow computer issues.


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