1 Earn more with Adsense Balancing Your Interests

We all want to earn more with Adsense, and yet do things that harm us. No balanced our interests. We have conflicts of interest: make money with Adsense and create good content, sometimes not the same.
Once Adsense earnings begin to rise to an acceptable level, it is a natural desire to pay close attention to your winnings. The problem with that is that you away to create more and better content for your users. And users who do not have hearing clicks on ads.
The important thing for a website is the content, can be aesthetically ugly, but if the content is interesting, your target audience will return often. No content of medium quality, no readers. We must focus on what we offer our visitors.
But what about profits?
That is where we must balance things. We aim to improve the content while increasing profits.
The first place we should look is in Google Analytics. The information will give you food for your mind, such as how many visitors are using mobile devices and decide whether you should invest in a mobile version of your site, and if it makes sense to add advertising.
Analytics also shows you the popular pages on your site, which gives you a quick look at what your visitors read frequently.
Linking Analytics with Adsense, you have a report from your pages more profitable, a cross-correlation between traffic and Adsense earnings. You will gain a reliable way to know if a blog you wrote three months ago is generating 11% of your total earnings.
We went to see? Gains back?
Look at it a different way. There is a rating for a vendor that focuses exclusively on profit per customer and kept raising prices: is out of business. On the other hand, a seller who does not pay attention to the products that are popular, that excites special customers, and fluctuations in the cost of supplies, complete with a catalog poor and ends up leaving the business.
We spend our time on what works best for us and also for our customers. It should be a win-win situation, otherwise, someone loses and usually we are.
You have to spend most of the time and care to produce the best content and use that desire to improve earnings as a secondary goal, something to keep in mind as we proceed to create content. Maybe I will buy a boat right away, but I will help pay the bills.
At the time I am in the business of creating and maintaining websites, there is a suggestion that always works: once a month, delves into your AdSense reports to understand which categories, themes and pages on your site are working well. Set a goal of producing more of the same in the next 30 days, then put the profits out of your mind and focus on how much you can contribute with your readers. Ends, and repeat.



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