0 The Secret to make an advertising free and effective in your head

Nowadays, advertising is often a paying job to be deducted from your earnings. In general, this pump station advertising your sales up to 1 to 3%. Too bad, it would be better in your case!
To reduce your advertising expenses, you need to be resourceful and develop different techniques to help you make a free advertising . Our brain does not limit the drift can explore unknown worlds. So put your brain road and ask him to find an inexpensive solution to know your business.
As an example, I found this article published by great newspaper "The essential" in Luxembourg.
This manager has decided to make known his shop with a creative advertising. Look at this picture! Before his mattress store, he stacked a few mattresses and there is a person sleep in pajamas with his teddy bear. What an idea!This is for sure the guy gets paid to sleep. I would love to be like him!
Here's another way to do free advertisingcreative. Artists settle in secret, at night, works of art in their cities to make themselves known in the morning at sunrise, people see this work in the street and are surprised. The examples abound.
Look at McDonalds, which changes the color of its logo in green is greener, everyone talked about it, here's a nice marketing campaign, the company had talks burgers.
But you, have you ever thought about doing free advertising for your business. Let's imaginative!
Think. I will say for example:
  • Shop for a joke, do free advertising is the son or a friend dressed as a clown can make jokes to passersby.
  • Shop for bikes and motorbikes, an old vespa in front of the store with a tape recorder hidden in the interior and operated by a timer could start loud sound to challenge the barge.
  • Or, there are the advertising market models inflatable fabric 2 to 3 m high.Equipped with a presence detector or a timer, the fan could recover thereof alternately.
  • At the time, my company before tiling, I planted a mast with a flag bearing the image of my logo, the store is below the flag was a eye of motorists who were forced to turn head to finally see the store was down.
Imagine the effect on passersby? Okay I'll stop there, the choice is vast, you have to find your idea, with a minimum investment, it might work for months.

Advertise free just have more effect by paying this one, but it is up to you to imagine.

How many are there people around your business that do not even know it exists or do not think to come to you when they need your products or services. Free publicity could change that.
Operation simple marketing can bring a lot of customers to your store. And all that your store is the effect of criticism, a good way to talk about your store is to advertise free with your imagination, then you turn the barge prospect as soon as it enters your store It remains only to not turn into a customer.
It's like on the internet, you must create the buzz, so many people talking about you.If your stunt shows and more promos in the vicinity of your action advertising, people say their relationship "did you see in bike riding, it has a Vespa makes a noise, I was startled he made specials, bikes 50 euros children "even though he has no children, spread your advertising to the public and it will spread, this is viral advertising.
The curious will see in your shop and pub colporteront the message you want to send. Just get good people and their explain why and how. Customers and especially the elderly are engaging, they will not hesitate to ask questions.
For free publicity, we must prepare your arguments. Moto bike might say, "this year has increased my sales, so my provider gave me a few kids bikes at factory prices and I wanted to share it with my clients." The word will create some urgency with prospects who want to buy a bike for their child. They come quickly in your business not to miss this offer is limited. Obviously, we must regularly renew this action and free publicity regularly with new ideas to continue to maintain the buzz around your store.

Free publicity is given to all, imagination is not only for artists, it is all the way forward.

I'm sure you know how, while at work. As you can see, this is a marketing strategy, you have to think, on paper and develop it to be a success. Advertise free is very easy, even for materials carry little be free, this is your imagination prevails, it is what will help you choose your advertising, but also to develop appropriate marketing strategies a small business or commerce. I ask you to try to take the timeto think and take time to implement, you will see the results, they are amazing and varied. Sometimes they are not as measurable effect hard time, your brand, your image is a reflection of your business, so do not hesitate to consult your mental health. Stop believing that you do not have it in to as free publicity is an essential marketing strategy for your business. In strategist, who is your role as an employer, you must shake your habits, because they have a hard life, but are not always effective.


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