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For some time, Facebook offers the possibility to program different types of publications on the pages or profiles. This feature is particularly useful in this holiday period and meets a real need. Netpubyou to get around the issue and learn how to use this feature.

How to schedule a post on Facebook

Simply write your post as usual. You can add a link, an image ...
Must then click on the little icon shows in the bottom left corner: hover, the message "Program or change the date of your publication" is displayed.
By clicking on the clock, you can program successively the year, month, day, hour and minutes of publication.
When you are ok, just click on the calendar.
programmer un post sur facebook
You can set your publication up to 6 months in advance, and you can also backdate, for example to integrate a past event in your diary.

How to find your publications planned?

To verify that you have already programmed, or change the date of publication, you should go to your History page, where you will find all your publications programmed.
historique personnel facebook
To know: the only thing you can change is the date of publication. For now, you can not modify the content, and to correct an error you can only delete your post and rewrite it.

What type of posts can you program?

You can schedule s tatuts, links, images or videos. By cons, you can not schedule the publication of a photo album, an event or issue.
At times, the "program" does not work very well, it's worth trying again in a few minutes if you do not succeed right away.
Warning, if you have linked your Facebook page to your Twitter account, the scheduled posts are not published on Twitter.

The benefits of programming status

In this period of leave, the first advantage is obvious: to be absent a few days s while maintaining a news feed on his page. However, in this case, it seems important to me to post on topics "easy" and not subject to debate. Because if you are on vacation without access to your page, you can not react to calm things down in case of problems.
Another advantage is released at times of the day that seem most conducive to the commitment of your community. This system can also dilute your publications throughout the day instead of posting multiple posts at the same time.
In all cases, and depending on the engagement of your fans, do not "too" not to publish tire your readers.


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