0 Windows 8 in 10 questions and answers (FAQ)

Windows 8 is out! The new operating system from Microsoft raises many questions. Here are 10 key questions and answers to read before installing Windows 8.
With Windows 8, Microsoft has an operating system out with the usual practice. As a user, you will need to discover new actions, a new vocabulary and a dual interface that will disrupt more than one.
Windows 8 is also a new application ecosystem it will be discovered. If the user experience on tablet looks promising, what will he really on good old traditional PC?
To remove any doubts and make the big 8 with the new OS from Microsoft, here are ten short questions and answers.

1: What are the different versions of Windows 8?

There are 4 versions of Windows 8.
Both versions are for the end consumer. Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. The latter adds options for professional use such as easy connection to corporate networks with Junction area, data encryption with BitLocker Client Virtualization with Hyper-V remote access.
RT Windows will be pre-integrated in tablets launched by leading manufacturers, including Microsoft Surface by itself.
Windows Enterprise is designed for direct sales companies.

2: What is the difference between Windows 8 and RT Window?

The new version of Windows is a system with a dual interface. Go live two environments: an environment similar to the classic you know with Windows 7 and Windows 8 new environment (initially called Metro Interface). This environment is Windows 8 opens by default on your PC.
RT Windows only keeps the Windows 8. This version is only for tablets. So if you buy a tablet with Windows RT, do not expect to use your software as usual you know as Windows 7. Specific applications only Windows 8 and Windows Store downloadable on to be used. Default A trial version of Office specifically for tablets is also installed on Windows 8.
RT Windows only works with one type of processor, ARM.
Then, to make your choice between Windows 8 and Windows RT, we invite you to read our article: Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT: which version to choose?

3: Should we have a new generation computer to run Windows 8?

No, The advantage of Windows 8 is that it is less resource intensive than Windows 7! Rather good news after very little digestive Windows Vista sad memory.
Here is what Microsoft says should have in your belly PC to run Windows 8:
  • 1 (GHz) minimum
  • 1 (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 20 GB of hard disk space
  • Screen resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
There also need to enjoy certain features have access to the Internet. You will also open a Microsoft account (LiveID).

4: What happens to my old system files and settings when I upgrade to Windows 8?

It depends on the version of Windows you have. According to Microsoft: Windows 7, you can recover all: your Windows settings, personal files, and applications. Starting with Windows Vista, you will be able to recover your Windows settings and personal files. Finally, if you make the leap from Windows XP, you can recover your personal files.

5: Will I have problems with my old software when I update?

If you upgrade from Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can expect to reinstall any applications you may have used before the upgrade. Most programs operated under Windows 7 should run on Windows 8. Microsoft has anyway awebsite to check the compatibility of your program s with the new OS. When you start the upgrade installation, you will also receive a compatibility report.

6: Can I use Windows 8 without a touchscreen?

Yes, Windows 8 does not the mouse largest antiques store in a museum. To use the mouse, you must learn new skills. For example, to display the bar charms (charm bar), the new menu menu that replaces the traditional "Start" menu, you must direct the mouse cursor to the right of the screen to the top or bottom .

7: Can I run a Windows 8 on an earlier version of Windows?

No, applications downloaded from the Windows 8 Windows Store will only work on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Your old software, meanwhile, can only work on Windows 8, but not on Windows RT.

8: Windows 8 applications are compatible with Windows Phone 8?

No! Even if Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are two operating systems graphically close, it is impossible to live application on two systems. It will have to download the application twice, and sometimes have to pay twice as ... Microsoft uses the same model Apple. IOS applications are not compatible with the software running on Mac OS X.

9: Where is the Start button?

This is a point not going to miss debate and crazy at first, regular users of Windows. Horror! Woe! Start button has disappeared!
Indeed, the start button has disappeared from the lower left corner of the traditional desktop in Windows 8. This is the bar charms (charm bar), the new menu menu, which replaces the traditional "Start" menu.
It will then bring up each time this bar will appear automatically passing the mouse cursor to the right of the screen to the top or bottom. Necessary to move to New Office user interface, it is also going through it you can find applications, software, documents and even parameters.
But if you really disturbing, here in this article how to get him back on your desktop: Windows 8: The Start button on the desktop back

10: How much will Windows 8?

Often as difficult to navigate Microsoft in rates! If you buy a new PC, the new OS is built into the price as for older versions of Windows.
If you have an older version, it is complicated considerably. To make clear, there are promotions period until 31 January 2013 and then full price. 


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