0 Advantages Of Usb Keys

A USB memory is a NAND-type flash. The latter was created to share and save information and put in alternative to magnetic disk. The NAND-type flash memory can contain more information than the previous technology. The writing and erasing of data is also fast.
A USB is composed of an electronic circuit connected to a USB connector plug set in a protective case, often plastic. USB drives are much smaller than the disk and can be reused at will.
The USB key easily connect to the USB port of your computer. It is more reliable than a floppy disk, which can lose its information more easily. USB drives are small and compact and can be transported very easily. There are also USB door, very convenient to always carry data. USB is a door the ideal mobile solution.
USB drives are more reliable when it comes to transferring data. Some USB devices are good for 1 million cycles of write / erase. All computers nowadays are equipped with USB 2.0. USB 2.0 ports allow a transfer rates between your USB device and your computer. The USB follows the standard USB 1.0 previously in force.
The popularity of the USB key must be due to its side portable, high storage capacity (larger keys on the market today can store 64GB), its speed, ease of use and reliability. Data loss is much less common than disks. Having no moving parts, the reliability of USB is unparalleled.


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