0 How to buy domain name from google

How to buy domain name from google
In three clicks and $ 10, Google allows you to easily purchase your domain name with eNom ... and GoDaddy, two giants in this field ...

Google Apps for Your Domain , a service that provides email accounts, calendars and instant messaging with the colors of your site, you were completely useless if you did not have a domain name. Now you can subscribe to the service without having previously a domain name because Google allows you to buyquickly and easily your domain name. Through a partnership with eNom and GoDaddy.com, Google will help you choose your domain register and pay in three clicks. At least for the moment this is only possible in English only.
Buy a domain name with Google ...
Buy a domain name with Google ...
Currently, Google bracket extensions. Com,. Net. Biz. Info. The only payment method isGoogle Checkout and the price is the same regardless of the extension: $ 10. During registration, you must complete the WHOIS , and this box is to protect you from spam.In fact, check this box can not display your personal information (name, address, email, ...) in the WHOIS site.


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