0 Techniques to cope with your Internet privacy

Techniques to cope with your Internet privacy

Technology has made ​​its mark in everyone's life. Like everything now has an online presence, things have become much easier for all of us. However, not all can provide you with many benefits. Requires same technology to keep account some essential things to use safely. Such an examination is designed to protect your privacy online.

Although you can not identify a spy web camera or a hacker can be anyone. Accordingly, you should know how to deal with the security of your web camera correctly. To become a smart internet user, you must keep in mind the following suggestions:

Do not blindly trust  Social networking sites

Yes, social networking sites are great fun., But do not trust, never! Regardless of how credible these sites appear and claim to be, it is a reality that your information can not be guaranteed it. Always remember that display important information on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. can be harmful to you. Anybody can handle it carelessly and you can never have a fair idea of this person. sharing personal photos and can be extremely risky.

Protect your Webcam

Webcam certainly has disadvantages in terms of having a video chat with friends over long distances. But did you know that hackers can spy on your video chat and personal photos without letting you know Yes, it's amazing but true. The only way to protect yourself from a spy web camera is to take as much care with your webcam possible.

Follow the simple tips listed below to ensure that you have protected your webcam:

If you use a personal computer and do not connect your webcam unless you really need to use it. This way, you will turn the webcam only if you want Chat with your friends.
If you unplug your webcam too much of a task, then simply cover the lens of your camera with a black ribbon, Sticky notes or sticker for the safety of your webcam. Delete when you expect that you use your webcam.
Avoid Phishing Attacks

You never know when your computer gets a phishing attack. This can affect any important information on your computer. A good suggestion is to keep all your financial information elsewhere in the storage location on your computer.

Do not forget to create a backup

Internet users always smart to create a backup file. If some files saved on your computer that are important to you, then simply create their backup.


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