0 Here's a fast way to discover an concept blog and become a identified blogger

It is not easy to find a blog idea to realize it, and then find the right topics of interest to users.
Whether you have your personal blog, or you decide to start a business, the field that you choose will be crucial to its success.
I myself much pondering on the idea of blog name that I was treated before implement it. Do not skimp on thinking before creating your own blog, because it could be a total failure!
You need to determine a good blog topic
There are several criteria that can qualify if the blog name idea for you to choose is a growth area.
  • The hearing on the field you have chosen. Either it's a niche topic is a subject that is very popular, both can bring traffic.
  • Other blogs on the same subject, which are your competition. Either you are in a saturated market or you are on a relatively untapped market where there is plenty of room to take.
  • Your expertise, your passion. If you are passionate about, you know this area well so it will be easy for you to find blog topics, and engage your readers.
  • Also the ability to monetize the blog name you have chosen. Should you decide to take profits from your blog, even small gains that will amortize your costs.
If you can reconcile these four important points, then you can create a successful blog that will eventually earn you money.

Why a blog idea in my relationship with my passion or expertise

Refine your blog idea
Here's a fast way to discover an concept blog and become a identified blogger
You should know that maintaining a blog is a permanent job if you want it to be successful with users. One important point to ensure your blog over time, your motivation. This is what will help you overcome periods of procrastination or you are in the trough of the wave due to lack of inspiration.
Reconcile these four important points and it will be a piece of cake!
This passion is something that you like, you know, where you continue to improve your skills, a passion that can also be a physical activity you love or practice, or an intellectual activity that you prefer, such as reading, mathematics, etc. ..
Myself by my expertise in sales and business management, in my experience, I have no trouble maintaining my blog, it does not prevent me from continuing to learn on a regular basis different techniques and strategies concerning my blog domain.
Here are some examples for your idea blog:
  • Like tennis, the feelings it brings, the technique of blows, but also the relationships that generates, especially when games are won. ou can get an idea of blog.
  • Like good wine, you know this area, you like to inquire regularly about the different French wine regions, wines qualities, conservation, anything that touches the wine, it is an idea to name blog interesting.
  • You are a loving mom, you completed the education of your children, you are especially interested in child psychology, but also everything related to education, share your experience would be a very good idea to blog.
  • You make the model, this kind of hobby has no more secrets for you, you know the brands, manufacturers, but also use techniques and development, it is an idea blog to exploit.
As you can see the fields can be varied, if you love the area you have chosen, if you continue to improve in this area, your blog will be easy to maintain in terms of article idea to blog.
The ideal is to practice in a specific area, rather than a general area, if you like good wine, French food, French cheeses, which are part of the land, regardless of whether the subject is precise but must the area meets your multiple passions, especially the French countryside.
You can also very well in this field of expertise have a local French cuisine or simply cheese or wine as we have seen above, the goal is to know your passion.

Method to find your idea of blog

Isolate yourself in a quiet room, turn off your laptop, television, anything that might interfere with your thinking.
Take a sheet of paper or other media and write to all of your passions. List in a minimum of ten.
List all, whether your passion, or just your knowledge, or an area that you particularly like, or an area that you are passionate about, but you do not practice.
Once this step is completed revisit all your passions and differentiated between those that you practice or have practiced and that you do not practice, but you know.
Then enter for each activity that you love the results they give you if you do them.
Take the time to make this small study, do not do it lightly because it will determine the success of your idea of blog.
Determining authority in relation to your passions
Just like before, take a sheet, write all your passions are on the left and on the right note to your expertise, the knowledge you have in this field, where you are very good compared to the average person.
Then identify areas where you have experience. Example you have under your belt five years running or ten years experience of mathematicians, or three years of experience jugglers, etc..
After that identify areas where you have an education. These are all areas where you have studied this passion such as your qualifications, your aggregations, your certificates. It can be a pro in tank management, diploma swimming, management etc.. Identify all be it personal or professional.
And ultimately your expertise. These are the areas where you are gifted. This can be in the field of human relations, where the field of laughter, joke, entrepreneurship, or reading, writing, all areas that you know well.
Make a choice of your ideas blog
For the last step it remains to find matches your search. That is to say, you'll need to connect your forces your passions.
This will bring excellence in the field that you choose and it will give you the pleasure to continue to develop your passion through your blog idea.
Or areas you are passionate about and why you natural forces, will areas to choose for your idea of blog.
Why I decided to create one blog for this passion
In my blog "to know my business," my passion is the world of entrepreneurship, sales, writing, but also reading. My strengths are that I ran a business for ten years, since I sell my childhood, I have degrees in these fields, I learn copywriting marketing, I worked long business in the building, I have a lot of relationships entrepreneurs in this field, I love to read a lot of reviews about this domain etc..
As I wanted to create a blog that is monetized then I struggled to choose my idea blog.I also love creating websites and everything that revolves around it, but I chose entrepreneurship as my experience was much stronger.
For story, I still decided to create two or three different blogs over my passions, but I quickly realized that maintaining a blog was a permanent job and it was better not to disperse. It is simply the story of the hunter who sees two hares out of the woods.He wants to pull the two hares but not reached any. If he had referred one hare would have been much more likely to put in his bag.
If you can combine your passion with your strengths it is certain that you will have no trouble maintaining a blog following ideas you have studied in depth, and if you also choose a field that may represent the blogosphere is the guaranteed success for your blogging and you will be a recognized blogger.
Summarize your idea of blog
You have thought deeply about your strengths, passions. Due to this fact, you now have one or more specific ideas that you can use to create your blog because you took the time to think.
The majority of bloggers do not use this technique to create a blog, but now you've done it, so you are above the average of the bloggers in the reflection. Now you're sure to be able to regularly maintain your blog and make your blog a success and that will interest you.
Do not turn this reflection, and as soon as it is completed, create your blog successful.


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