0 Is AdSense sustainable and viable in the long term?

There are many publishers who depend entirely on AdSense to keep your business or their source of income. This means that if one day stops working AdSense, are left with nothing.
Clearly, Internet advertising or publicity "for clicks" continue to grow and always will be there, but if we speak only of AdSense, it raises some issues.
Especially in the U.S., where these topics work well, the percentage you pay the publisher AdSense has been in decline, and looks like a trend that will continue at least for now. There comes a point where some editors will see that it is not profitable to invest effort in building good pages that Google will rank well and never doing so with a very low PPC.
AdSense? Disappear at some point? 
Who knows, but right now it's safe to say that no, as long as Google, AdSense exist.
Will it fade away this type of advertising? 
Apparently not, but we must be aware that in the next years.
Will it turn from being profitable AdSense for a professional web? 
Probably for many cases, in fact it seems that AdSense is the last resort of monetization - or add a resource or secondary - to complete the total income. AdSense is the lowest common denominator of advertising: Simply place a small code on the web and ready. But profits are also lower for Internet advertising.
Will Google or the market that causes the AdSense unprofitable - if happen?
The impression is that the market will continue growing stronger and is more likely to be Google that will increasingly closing the tap. But this is only impressions.
Alternatives to AdSense? 
Diversify and not leave everything to AdSense. The content sites will be becoming less relevant on the internet, because each time there will be more and better sites with the same content. Subscriptions. Direct relationship with the company, etc..
Conclusion: The conclusion is simple: AdSense works for now, but can we trust, if all goes well, AdSense allows us to pay a mortgage for 10 or 20 years, say? Can not be obsolete this type of advertising?


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