1 How To Create A Blog Article Of Effective?

How to create a blog effective?
I wanted some time to create a blog to help beginner bloggers and especially to each other. The event happened at the right time because I have long where to start looking. This is my first article. I researched a lot on the subject, I do so from my research.
We'll see why, when, how and for whom writing a blog.
Why write a blog
Whether you have a website to showcase your information services or online store. An article in a blog will allow you to present more detail on each product or service you offer and inform readers.
Yes I inform emphasize the goal of the article is to inform, exchange through feedback to give tips for using your products.
When writing a blog
For example you want to sell a centrifuge, it is quite complicate for people do not know it to look at all the features. You must inform them about all the opportunities available to them through your products.
You can explain how the juicer works. And even give a recipe to make. You can then ask users to share with you their experience if they meet their opinions had a problem in the recipe.
How to write a blog
Tell a story to captivate your readers.
Edge of all choose the title using adjectives, use action verbs.
The title should be hanging, and it should make you want to be faithful to the content. This is the first preview of the introduction of your article. It is a reflection of your article on social networks, in your newsletter or on your rss feed.
Then start with an introduction, explaining why you wrote this article. Will learn that your readers read your article and by what route.
Your article must be present in several parts that you announced earlier in the introduction.
The parties must be recognizable with a title.
Make subparts within your games, make paragraphs to develop all your ideas in a single game.
Think bold or underline what is important
Regarding the conclusion, you must make a summary of the article containing the most important points.
You can add an image that will illustrate your article. I prefer to do it at the end so that the image correspond precisely to the message I want to pass.
You can put a poll at the end or a question to ask the opinion of your readers.
For whom do you write?
Use short sentences easier for you to write and easier for readers to read. According to a survey 79% of online flying a page from top to bottom and only 16% read the entire article.
Remember that you need to master your subject worth shaken face questions from your readers and are passionate about, do not write just to write.
Treat your vocabulary, grammar, spelling and conjugation is a matter of respect for your reader. And like the previous advice that you will not discredit you. I hope that on this one I have not made too many big mistakes.
Finally do not forget that the most important thing is the reader. If you talk to beginners do not forget to use language to them. This can be very heavy to read an expert does not know the words to use to explain the greatest number. As I often read you do not write for the robot google. Any interest to write an article that nobody understands. I suggest you take into account all the suggestions coming your readers those are the ones that help you the most.
In brief
  1. Inform the reader
  2. Be passionate
  3. Tell a story
  4. Use words understandable to your readers
  5. Choose a good title
  6. Aerate your text
  7. Add a picture
  8. Conclude by repeating the most important
  9. Check spelling, grammar and conjugation
  10. Add a question to help your readers in your next articles.


  1. Very interesting! I'm having a hard time writing a good story sometimes, but with your article I got some good tips again:) It will help me out for sure. Happy writing!



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