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After best AdSense ads and the highest CTR possible across the board, it should be noted that misplacement of an AdSense in the wrong place can ruin the whole optimization with our Adsense account in all pages across the web where we have our code.

This is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but if after a few weeks to optimize our AdSense best we see visible results, it is time to ask ourselves if we have not made this mistake. Perhaps a single page is preventing us developing the full potential of the rest.

Before we start we need to consider some facts AdSense:

  • The Smart Price there - and Google recalculated each week. This means that if we see that a couple of days at our eCPM is in tatters, whatever we do will remain the same for a few days. One can only find out why it has happened and wait for the next update of prices.

  • There invariably repeating cycles for any site, where incomes are lower, without having entered the Smart Price. Some experts recommend studying these cycles, knowing how they work on our website and when you get to put other advertising more profitable. I would not go that far, just to know this and know that it is a sign that things are not well.

  • There are pages more profitable than others for AdSense - The issue is that a little profitable AdSense can drag the most profitable. For example, avoid advertising that appears in the contact page, files, on, pages with no content or very little waste sites and in general those who do not provide the information sought by the user.

  • No more advertising for more profit. This is a sore spot for most webmasters, and that goes a little against the logic and intuition. We say, "if I put AdSense on this page, even if few visits a month, always added, even impressions". I think this is an error, the above reason. You can penalize.

Once we have these points in mind, we can begin to optimize our site. Every webmaster will have their way of doing it. then show me the steps I follow as guides.

  1. 1) Locate irrelevant pages your AdSense site and eliminates them. On pages can be contact, only pages with photos, etc.. Sometimes this is difficult, especially in blogs, since the code is put into the template for all pages.

  2. 2)Go to your stats. Locate the most trafficked pages daily, monthly. Can be 3, 20 or 200. The more you choose more work. Ask yourself these pages individually optimized for AdSense. Depending on the type of content placed blocks 300 × 250, various colors, along several blocks of text or a single link unit. Try to find the best settings for each. You can even change the format of each page.

  3. 3)AdSense can also delete pages with less traffic or even on pages that appear in the supplemental index (this last point is not proven, it just occurred to me). Thus the visitor downloads a bit to see multiple pages of your website.

  4. 4)Make channels to each block. If you chose to put several blocks scattered around the page, eliminating unprofitable or barely profitable. These are what, to look at the statistics, they have 1000 impressions and zero clicks, or a couple of clicks. Surely that some clicks are not one euro each. This means that your traffic is not profitable enough for a block at the foot of the page. Or at the end of the right sidebar.

I do not recommend the plugins that display advertising only to users coming from search engines to pages that are at peak performance. For those who may be the best start. Not for nigĂșn theoretical concept, but by experience. I've always liked the idea of ​​avoiding the hassle of advertising to regular readers, but there is something about this myth:
  •                 If advertising is a nuisance for your users, regular or not, is not well placed. If properly placed, not lose visitors, (unless you also lose if you say you are using windows - stating that only use windows in the gigs)

  •                 It is false that regular users clickean not in advertising. Many of them will not, especially if they have websites, but most are not regular readers own websites (of course depending on the topic, it is certain that every regular reader of Adseok has its own website)

  •                 Statistics clearly show that websites with a community around, with many regular readers, get many more clicks and therefore more profit.

  •                 Appearances to the contrary, a good placement publicidd gives consistency to a page. Makes it seem more professional and most visited. If not, look the next time you do a Google search. If you want a word with many sponsored links have the feeling that a search is very common (and actually is).
  •                Expert users already occupy in your browser to block advertising, and with every right. Although the words of a colleague, Adblock is matawebs that kills many quality websites . In fact, I venture to say that most of the successful blogs is because AdSense advertising and specifically, and that most of the bloggers who mantien the quality of their content is because they get financial reward.


AdSense can be optimized as much as we want to invest time. The measure is the point locate an investment of time that we are not profitable.


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